Sleeptalk Scene | Friday Night Funkin' Vs Twinsomnia -

Sleeptalk Scene | Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Twinsomnia

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Friday Night Funkin’ Twinsomnia, Vs Boy & Girl, it’s a remade of a mod that got canceled, in this mod you rap againts Boy and Girl. This mod has 4 songs: Sleeptalk, Roughhouse, Power-Hour, and Boogieman, all can be played both in Freeplay and Story Mode.

sock.clip, creator of the mod:

Download the mod at Gamebanana:

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Boy and Girl | High Effort Boy and Girl All Songs:

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Boy and Girl | Twinsomnia All Songs – Cutscenes:

0:00 Cutscene 1

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