Sliced but Different Characters Sing It 🎶 (FNF Sliced but Everyone Sings It) -

Sliced but Different Characters Sing It 🎶 (FNF Sliced but Everyone Sings It)

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In this Friday Night Funkin video you’ll see Sliced but every turn a different character sings it. Different characters sing Sliced from the VS Corrupted Annoying Orange mod and every turn a different cover is used!

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Mods used:
Vs. Annoying Orange –
Poppy Funktime VS Bunzo Bunny –
Vs Huggy Wuggy –
Muddy Puddles Funkin’ VS Peppa Pig –
Vs Impostor V3 –
Dusk Till Dawn Vs Twilight Sparkle –
Plants vs. Rappers –
Indie Cross –
Ski Sings for You! –
V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend –
Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle VS Garcello –
Chaos Nightmare Sonic Vs. Fleetway –
Hotline 024 –
Vs. Sonic.Exe 2.0 –
Wednesday’s Infidelity VS Mickey Mouse –
Vs Oswald –
Arcade Showdown VS. Kapi –
Funkin’ at Freddy’s + Afton Full Week –
Friday Night Incident –
Hypno’s Lullaby –
Secret Histories –
CN Takeover –
Vs. Pibby Spongebob –

Original song by @Jacob Tisc –
This mod is based on the concept of Come and Learn with Pibby, featuring The Annoying Orange.

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Not FNF Sliced But Everyone Sings It, Sliced But Different Characters Sing It, or any other music video like that.
This is my own series previously known as FNF but Every Opponent’s Turn a Different Character Sings It, inspired by the popular BETADCIUs of Blantados and SHAvibe, and with versions such as Ejected and Playtime but everyone sings it.

These covers were made with FL Studio.

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #AnnoyingOrange


  1. Buen cover, eres un grande neo buen video, me encantaron las voces, no son cromáticas excelente trabajo

  2. genial bro,el próximo cover puede ser la de Singularity del mod de Void?

  3. Neonight is back for covers and amazing contents. Welcome back, great friend.

  4. Previous cover: Confronting Yourself
    Today’s cover: Sliced

  5. Finally a sliced cover with well made voices, character fitting backgrounds, and characters without microwave voices.

  6. I know i'ts hard, but could you do a cover of Ferocious?? 🥺🙏

  7. Bro this channel is the most amazing thing I’ve seen

  8. Waw… KNIFE 🔪 jobb 😜😅

    Edit: What? …. No Laughs?….Bruh 😒

  9. Good cover
    Go next: Betrayal, but everyone sings it?

  10. Faltaria que hiciera un cover de ending season pero este también es una joya

  11. Just in time i just finishes my home made peashooter toy

  12. I like how finn sounds in the end it's really cool how it actually sounds like it glitches honestly neonights covers are really good

  13. Hey neonight I have One Little thing cover for you* can you please put this cover naming Game Over but A different Character sings it these are the FNF peeps who will sing we all know the first one Mario BF, Tails Sonic, Sayori Monika, Mario Phrase 2 Pico, Yuri Natsuki, Mami Miku, MX GF, Skid n Pump Lisa, DD MM, Zardy CableCrow, Luigi Mario (Original), Majin Sanic, Neonight(yourself) Lylace, Senpai Monika(Pixal), Garret Bambi, OG Dave DiamondMan, Dave Bandu, Expunged Tristan, Cheating Bambi Agoti, Bunzo Bunny Huggy Wuggy Finn Pibby, Zanta Tom, Edd TORD, Garcello Annie, Mommy Longlegs TankMan And idk I have to little brains final people Knuckles (EXE) Cuphead, Sans Bendy now decide your characters who to sing next.

  14. Next. Red and peashooter song. Birds and botany

  15. Oh and one more thing the vocals has to be the same just like BF and MX

  16. Sliced Cover: Neonight
    Inspired by:
    Dan Animation

    (Boyfriend and Pibby start to survive, they arrived at the kitchen and saw an Giant corrupted Orange, so Boyfriend and Orange starts rap battle)

    Corrupted Bunzo bunny: (Laughing)
    Player: uhh… what's the color pattern again, you're too Fast!
    Huggy wuggy: wOuLd yOu wAnTs SoME HuGS?!
    Kiss missy: (Sobbing) YES!
    (So two sur patch monster hugging and corrupted)
    (Annoying orange talking)

    Corrupted Peppa: WhERe ARe yOU GoERgE?!
    Goerge: help me!
    Green Imposter: Red, are you okay?
    (Red Imposter corrupted, making Green frozen shock)
    Green Imposter: we had some great time Red

    Corrupted Twillight: HI tHEre PiNKie!!
    Pinkie pie: Hop on Pibby, we're gonna Run 'n Jump
    (So BF, Pibby, and Pinkie Run from Corrupted Twilight and the mane 6)
    (Corrupted Twilight Shoot Lazer)

    Peashooter: DIE YOU INK GLITCH… Crazy Dave?!
    Crazy dave: BEcAuSE i'M CRaZy!!!
    (Cuphead use Double down: Super effective)
    Cuphead: alright Plants and Zombies, go to that Portal
    Rick sanchez: hurry up Asshole, this Glitch getting closer!
    (Survivor: Peashooter, Rick, cuphead, sans, Girlfriend, Skid, Pompom, Dr.zomboss, and Solar flare but she bring Corrupted Green shadow)
    Cuphead: wait… Mugman, ms.chalice
    Mugman and ms.chalice: CUPHEAD
    Cuphead: Crying with Tears

    Corrupted Sky: BOyFRieNd, WHy DOn'T yOu MaRRy ME?!
    Ski: Help me, i'm serround by Ink… 😥 "press the like button to save Ski before the Glitch got her"
    (Boyfriend, pibby and Pinkie got covered by Ink Glitch and now they Corrupted)
    (Annoying orange talking again)

    (But the Heroes show's up)
    King Tabi: you think they're the only one survive?
    (Pibby trying to kill Tabi, but Tabi stop pibby by Trapping her into the Bone)
    Garcello: This is for Annie!
    (Garcello throw Dynamite at Orange: wasn't effective)

    Fleetway Super sonic: those glitch can't kill me
    (Fleetway use Lazer to burn the Ink, but fleetway turn into normal Sonic, cuz he saw Tails, Knuckles, amy, and Eggman got Corrupted)

    Lord X: I'm trying just give me some Crack
    Mazin: X, ON YOUR LEFT
    (they saw the Annoying orange, so they went there)

    Corrupted WI Mouse: yOU nEED tO Be HAppY, FOreVeR!!
    Oswald: someone help me!

    Minus Boyfriend: Hurry up Kapi, we have to Go!
    Kapi: can you help me with the DDR?
    (Since the DDR is too heavy, Minus Boyfriend grab Kapi's tail and runaway)
    Kapi: MY DDR!

    William Afton: This glitch is not my favorite! Someone save!
    Shadow bonnie: Die in here Afton
    William afton: NOOOO!

    Corrupted Trollolol: GilRFrieND WHeRE ArE yOU?! YoUr UNcLE iS gIViNg yOu a SUrPriSe!
    Gilrfriend: (sobbing)
    (That was the saddest flashback gilrfriend had, so she walk towards boyfriend and start hugging, girlfriend defeated the Corruption with the Power of Love)
    Annoying orange talking again… but he remember his best friends: Pear, Little apple, Marshmellow, Grapefruit, Passion fruit, and Knife)

    2 scene:

    Scene: A
    Mashed Sonic: I'm so sorry for calling you sick Fuck, and i'm sorry for saying you'll never be my best friends. I feels so lonely without my partner! (Crying)
    Secret histories Tails: so that means you're the Real sonic and i'm you best friends?
    Mashed Sonic: YES
    (Tails start hugging sonic)
    Tails with normal voice: Thank you Sonic

    (Corrupted Finn and Spongebob trying to find the Survivor to corrupted, and they found it. So they run at them and Finn jump right at Boyfriend with his Sword, spongebob join)
    ???: Duck
    (Someone just shot Corrupted Finn and spongebob, kill them both), and Corrupted annoying orange gone)

    Scene: B
    (Everyone is not Corrupted: peppa back to normal and meet her little brother, Bunzo bunny and all the Toys are back to normal adn they start group hug)
    Green Imposter: Red, i'm so happy your not Ugly Monster
    (Red and Green hugging)
    Twilight: what's happening here?
    Pinkie pie: Twilight, your back to normal
    (Mane six start group hug)
    (All the Plants and Zombies are not Corrupted)
    Crazy dave: Ahere's my taco?!
    Rick: were not gonna talk about your favorite food you crazy fat beard man
    (Peashooter shoot at Rick)
    Peashooter: Apologize
    Solar flare: Thank goodness you're okay!
    Green shadow: i'm fine

    (Cuphead back to meet Mugman and ms.chalice)
    Cuphead: I miss you so much mugsy!
    Mugman: I miss you too brother, i'm so scared!
    Ms.chalice: Triple hug
    (The three start hugging)

    Sky: boyfriend, HAVE ME!
    (Sky get kicked by Girlfriend)
    Ski: thank you for Pressing the like button for saving me👍❤👏😁
    (Tabi let go Pibby)
    Garcello: Annie, there yoy are
    Annie: yay
    (Annie drink the Liquid and turn into big blue monster)

    Sonic from different Uviverse: I'm so happy you're back to narmal tails
    Amy: Sonic, i'm so scared of that ink, i want hug you!
    Sonic: amy… wait

    Majin: were save
    Mazin: YAY
    (Lord X doing Cracks again)

    Kapi and Minus boyfriend: hi guys, were save

    WI Mouse: what's going on in here?
    Oswald: thank goodness your not ugly
    WI Mouse: WHAT?

    Pompom: Static, I really miss you so much!
    (Pompom start hugging static too tight, and mackie also bite static legs: didn't feel pain)

    William Afton: thank you god for saving me… (Springlock failure) AAAAAAAAAHHHH!! HELP ME!!
    Children soul: it's good to hear him Screaming

    Uncle Trollolol: Girlfriend, come here
    (Girlfriend and Uncle trollolol start hugging, and so boyfriend)

    (Boyfriend is happy everything back to normal, but he feels someone trying to kill him)
    Pibby: Boyfriend, WATCH OUT
    (Corrupted Finn and Spongebob jump at Boyfriend)
    ???: DUCK!
    (Someone just shot Corrupted Finn and spongebob, kill them both), and Corrupted annoying orange gone)
    Boyfriend: who are you?
    (It was Pico for saving boyfriend… wait a minute)
    Boyfriend: PICO, YOU HAVE ABS?!
    Darnell: yeah boy, he always exercise and eating healthy.
    Pico: SHUT UP
    (Gilfriend stare at Pico Abs)
    Boyfriend: I CAN SEE YOUR MIND!
    Pibby: atleast everythings back to normal with the Power of Love

    THE END… is it?
    Thank you so much Neonight for making Awesome FNF Cover 😊👍❤👏😁

  17. Hoping to see a nine tails to remember cover someday

  18. Can we talk about how horrifying orange looks on the thumbnail 👀

  19. ok now where did you get this midi

  20. Este es un gran video buen trabajo neonyhg es excelente

  21. Maybe I hate this song but, this cover is very amazing! This one is better than Mars, and NeirOnX.

  22. The other slice but everyone sing it is bad and spam and this. Is perfect

  23. Something you now another character in like Tabi and Garcello? That refence in Mars popular slide!

  24. That annoying orange in the thumbnail is truly haunting

  25. Sid: hey guys wishbone oh no we have five seconds
    Sid grabs a hammer and nails then POUND ON THE COUCHES legs and sits on it. Within 5 seconds, swirl, neonlight, lyclace, sharv ,blantdoes flew up the CELLING.
    Sid: ja, no hay gravedad
    Eng: ha no gravity.

  26. Finally, a good sliced cover instead of the ones that their vocals are just: “e”

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