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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin, it has been a hot moment since we last played this game and I have to admit I’ve missed it! I had to come back for this incredible mod however, the release of Hypno’s Lullaby V2.0 (which unfortunately got cancelled) Enjoy the video!

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  1. I bet a mil for that part 2 to come out this weekend

  2. 4:29 hipno trying to get his head to see girlfriend
    Gf: this is fine 🙂

  3. Bro if CoryxKenshin plays the lullaby he gonna go crazy he loves that song

  4. I'm pretty sure this got canceled cause Twitter dug up stuff about one of the devs accidentally saying the N-word in a private gc (i think), not hard r but still the n word, which I'm pretty sure he has apologized (this was months ago btw, but when it was so close to finishing was the time Twitter decided to cancel him)
    I'm pretty sure that's why, but I don't think that's cancel worthy imo
    I mean he apologized and didn't mean to even say it, but still happend anyways

  5. You saw today quilava, Pikachu,felaligator the big blue lizard and celebi in mono

  6. Bro imagine if the blob from fnaf sb and hypno in his 3d form decided to meet up and freaking fuse together💀💀💀💀💀🍝

  7. Hey Ryan, vs cyrix mod just got an update after 1 Year and it seems like people already forgot about that mod. I hope you play it tho

  8. Personally I think the cancellation was stupid
    Banbuds said bad and apologized
    The way the devs jumped ship over twitter mob was kind of scummy on their part

    That's what I heard anyway I could be wrong

  9. hey Ryan simulacra 3 is out maybe you should give it a try

  10. Ight but why does GF go gorilla mode on the down arrow?

  11. You missed:
    Monochrome extended
    Missingno and buried alive
    Pasta night
    Bygone purpose
    I think that's all

  12. 48:42 it says shitno on the top witch means a piece of poop in bulgarian 🇧🇬 😹

  13. It was cancelled because of drama and bs if I was a developer for mods like this I would ignore things like that and finish the thing I'm working on…yeah

  14. It's been so long since he last played fnf tho 😀

  15. Yo Ryan, when will we have a video on Battington's Harmony and Horror new episode?

  16. hey Ryan if your reading this when will the chapter 5 of dark deception be coming out ik a lot of people forgot about it but I'm still waiting lol😭

  17. The sound when I download the mod: alright I'ma head out

  18. @8bitryan you can press seven to unlock all songs in freeplay

  19. 8 bit Ryan is waaaaaay to good at this game

  20. I dont know why but in the begining hipnos idle animation looks kinda buff tbh
    Edit: why… hipno is the most self sabotaging villain ive ever seen heres why: he has his prey then goes music battle then beheads HIMSELF to make sure he always feels dizy the hipno drags them to his lair proceeds to AGAIN challenge them to RAPPING instead of up and demolishing them while tearing of his own… legs jeez no wonder hes rare theyre so self sabotaging theyre breed is starving to death

  21. "hypno would'nt hurt a fly!" duh becuase hypno is smart enough that hes weak to bug typpes

  22. Ryan I highly suggest you try the updated Blueballs Incident fnf mod. It's got cutscenes and real cool songs 🙂

  23. Third phase Hypno looks like Gurdy from the Binding of Isaac 😂

  24. if some of you are wondering why this mod is cancelled well here is the whole story, short tbh, 6 months ago before the mod's release the creator of the mod said the n word in a vc (not the hard r n word but the n word none the less from the creator's words), a dev from his team came out about this and twitter being twitter, dug this up and cancelled this

  25. Wish he can do missingno for the part 2 and finally complete monochrome

  26. never thought i would see a pixelted character and a 3d model fight each other but i guess here we are

  27. Really amazing mod! Idk why but i laughed when that guy said "I AM DEAD" in monochrome

  28. Day *1 of Asking Ryan to Replay Until Dawn

  29. Happy to see him back playing this, wonder if he's going to play any more mods considering he played this one. If so and Ryan is reading this I suggest the vs ace mod v3 that came out recently, Plus if you played that mod and liked it I suggest his bf's mod as well, vs retrospecter mod to be exact

  30. in amusia, the rapidash is a ponyta not rapidash
    if you wanna get back to monochrome without doing both songs again, you can press 1 on both of the songs before it

  31. IT'S BEEN A WHILE. Hope you guys enjoy, next FNF video will be in 6 months time

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