Sonic vs Lila - EEEAAAOOO (Friday Night Funkin Sonic Edition) -

Sonic vs Lila – EEEAAAOOO (Friday Night Funkin Sonic Edition)

Sonic Destiny
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I am sorry if it is weird but apparently this is what people are into these days xD

EEEAAAOOO mod made by RenxTheHedgehog

Lila mod made by SunSpirit

Sonic character mod made by GhostBunBun

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  1. There will be ever one more friday night funkin video today so stay tuned

  2. Took me a while to remember where i heard this before but then i remembered. Heard it in a rosedoodle vid once. And i know the origanal is a colorful cat right?

  3. 🎵 Baby bull Bibbie Da was saving his mom
    Bob, you need to be quiet, my meme child is sleeping
    Ooooaaa, eeeee, Two fix the pretty stars
    Fix that old piano and bombs will fall aaaaaaaa 🎵

  4. Lila:me mom sonic:sonic me peluche Amy: me

  5. every thing panda 2001% week in friday night funkin' (pinkpanther90007 mod is back)

  6. Ammy with girlfriend eyes is perfect i will said to my bri to sub ^^

  7. Baby blue buildings far above the crystal grove…. (These are the only lyrics I remember)

  8. I love when sonic is scared of the lightning he just looks like he’s saying bruh why

  9. GUYS IM A BIG FAN OF LILA AND ANYWAY if you know Roblox it's good because I need to tell you something I am a rich person on Roblox i have popcat Jenna rainbow dash sarventay too

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