Steven Universe: Mini Mod Pack || OUT NOW!!! (Full Showcase) || Friday Night Funkin’ Mod -

Steven Universe: Mini Mod Pack || OUT NOW!!! (Full Showcase) || Friday Night Funkin’ Mod

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Happy 3 Year Anniversary to Steven Universe The Movie! To Celebrate, I’ve uploaded a Psych Engine mod pack of my Steven Universe One-Shot mods! That means you can all finally play “My Monster”, “Spinterview”, and the new song “Ain’t Shiz!”. I’ve decided to try and tie it all together aesthetically so you can play them all in Story Mode too! Hope you enjoy the mod! More fun mods to come!

Background for “My Monster” by Mikefnf
Spinel – Ciipherstatic
Steven Universe – Cougar MacDowall
Steven Chromatic – HighPoweredKeyz
Special Thanks to Phizzy for Title Card Resources and Bbpanzu for some coding assistance (mvp b)

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  1. The showcase if mod feels like a Steven universe episode great work

  2. I just finished playing them all and let em tell ya I had one helluva time playing with all of this and despite Spinel not appearing more often, hopefully she'll might be a DLC for Multiverses or whatever they'll might do wit her Ni the future.

  3. Man i love being in something steven universe related again

  4. Finally I get to hear bangers songs in just 1 mod! And voice acting with cutscenes at the start?! AMAZING


  6. I didn't expect the extra cutscenes for this mod, even without them this would be amazing

  7. Oh hey, some more non-Pibby related stuff. I like the Pibby related stuff, but your non-Pibby stuff shows a LOT of talent. Defo gonna play the mod since I like Steven Universe a lot!

  8. wow jake, you've outdone yourself, i honestly just expected to see all three mods being played through but no, you added dialogue for all three, i applaud your work

  9. Can you make a mod based on beach brother, selever and darnell saving their families that will be cool

  10. When you'll make other oswald mod but this time with

  11. gonna make my covers playable now hehe. anyway good job on the mod! i like how you made the cutscenes look from the actual show

  12. This is perfect timing! I just got the Steven universe complete collection so I've been in Steven universe mode this week.

  13. I've been waiting for my entire life for this moment!!

  14. I laughed so hard when I saw bitch wrote on roses painting

  15. I love how in Spinterview, Spinels animations and facial expressions change during the entire song, not many mods do this and it’s a really nice touch to see stuff like that

  16. Im glad you didn't leave the SU fandom. Many OG SU fans are leaving the fandom now

  17. outro got me curling up in a ball, crying on my birthday LMFAO LOVE YOUR WORK!!

  18. What ever happened to the jimmy timmy power hour mod

  19. Release the Pico chromatic u made pls

  20. What this or watch a new part 2 oversimplified video
    Me idk how to pick

  21. Yo Jakenoutron
    How did you made that?? That was awesome!!!!

  22. You made the mods a bit better by adding the cutscenes

  23. in the video is one misake in the spinel interview thing one of her poses or two have black square above the hands

  24. Spinel is ho-:my mom ;me mom I'm just watching some normal song or listening

  25. Adding the cutscene really gives the voice lines in spinterview a meaning

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