Steven Universe: Mini Mod Pack || OUT NOW!!! (Full Showcase) || Friday Night Funkin’ Mod -

Steven Universe: Mini Mod Pack || OUT NOW!!! (Full Showcase) || Friday Night Funkin’ Mod

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Happy 3 Year Anniversary to Steven Universe The Movie! To Celebrate, I’ve uploaded a Psych Engine mod pack of my Steven Universe One-Shot mods! That means you can all finally play “My Monster”, “Spinterview”, and the new song “Ain’t Shiz!”. I’ve decided to try and tie it all together aesthetically so you can play them all in Story Mode too! Hope you enjoy the mod! More fun mods to come!

Background for “My Monster” by Mikefnf
Spinel – Ciipherstatic
Steven Universe – Cougar MacDowall
Steven Chromatic – HighPoweredKeyz
Special Thanks to Phizzy for Title Card Resources and Bbpanzu for some coding assistance (mvp b)

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  1. You create some impressive spectacle of animated mods my man

  2. Everything about this mod is actually perfect! The introduction, cutscenes, visuals, voice acting was 10/10, shall I go on? Over all, This is really good!

  3. Different Name: The Universe Week

  4. Let’s Go! Finally his amazing mods he’s done that isn’t pibby related but is related to what Jake has done in his free time.

  5. Yeah that's coll and all, but where is sonic's jays mod?

  6. Love the presentation cards for the songs, look real good

  7. Not only am I a big fan of steven universe but you also released this mod on my birthday so thank you so much Jakeneutron for decided to release this mod today out of all days👍

  8. I LOVE Spinel's design in Spinterview

  9. “spinel, i can’t drink that. it’s practically poison”

  10. "THIS ISN'T PIBBY!!!!!!!" – 7yo viewers rn

  11. You never fail to impress with how much effort and detail you put into your mods/content I’m going to play this right now amazing work Jake

  12. Can somebody help me? when i try to play the week or the songs the game just closes/crashes. can someone help?

  13. My chart speed is faster than that by some reason.

  14. Can I Make This As A Brazilian Fandub/fansing, I Can Credit You

  15. Question will the mod really have voice acting at the front of each song?

  16. I know nothing about Steven universe but where water melon Steven

  17. i cant play it because it is a json file and not an exe one
    also my favourite song is my monster song😍😍😍

  18. Is it me, or in the first part of spinterview, it sounds like Spinel is saying "Glad that you are here, on here today"

  19. I didn’t know you created My Monster. I always thought it sounded like a FNF song but it actually is! I love the song so much I always feel like it is too short. In fact all of the songs are good. Your good!

  20. this mod looks amazing 10/10 i love the visuals and the songs too but also question why does it crash for me when i try to play it in story mode or freeplay??

  21. in the second song is the black box blocking out spinel giving the middle finger?

  22. Pibby fans getting hyped thinking that “you’ll make the change” is in this mod pack LOL

  23. Amazing job as always Jake! ❤️ 😀

  24. Absolutely adore all the love you've shown with SU

  25. Is there a apk for this mod please make an apk

  26. "But where is the pibby steven 🤓?"

  27. Damn spinel not u pullin the finger at me :[

  28. Was late the premiere, but this mod pack is so awesome! Keep up the work jakeneutron, it looks like the style so much!

  29. To quote someone from the stream
    "Funkin Direct."

  30. Really awesome to now be able to play these one shot songs. I've noticed smth from your songs, do you use your own bf chromatic?

  31. Yoooooooo really glad this mod came out. awesome work as always jakeneutron


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