Stress - Friday Night Funkin' OST -

Stress – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. Pico : hey guys look i play to dinasty wariors

  2. I genuinely do not care that the fandom is full of children, I still enjoy this game and the absolute banger tracks

  3. It may not be an Ugh, but this is a huge upgrade to Guns and most defiantly could be classed as am absolute banger. Background beat is absolute fire and melodies are almost perfect. I adore this

  4. " Hold it! I got this! The weaker glass should shatter if I drop FIRE bars at a High frequency. "

  5. my favorite fnf mod: flippy flipped out
    my favorite fnf song: stress

  6. Ah finally the ost for pico’s school 2 is out

  7. About 4 hundred tankmen: dying
    Captain, Steve, and Skittles: Yea, this is happening, I guess

  8. help i'm stuck in whatever google service this is says:

    it occurs to me that the stealthy milf leitmotif may be interpreted as tankman insinuating he fucked bf's mother

  9. I've always thought the leitmotif sounded SO MUCH like Bloody Tears. I wonder if that was the inspiration

  10. My favorite thing ever is pico's shooting lining up with the drum beat

  11. Over a year later and this still slaps. Amazing work Kawaiisprite, I never get tired of listening to your music. Mad kudos to you and the rest of the Fnf dev team as well. Can’t wait for the full-ass game!

  12. all the mods out there, and week 7 still can't be beaten

  13. “Stress” perfectly encapsulated the feeling of playing this on my crappy old laptop when this originally released

  14. I’m against having a final song in a week be harder than all the others (because if you quit due to it being too hard then you need to restart the whole week just to try it again) but this one being easier than guns made it kinda underwhelming making a song the same difficulty as the previous definitely is a little harder than making the next song harder or easier but it’s IMO it’s the best choice

  15. hands down my 1st or 2nd favorite in the game. gonna be real nostalgic in a few years mark my words

  16. Just completed it in normal today. Too bad the story mode always crashes.

  17. I think this and Blammed are my favorites in the soundtrack.

  18. Tankman should let Mommy Mearest sing this one…

  19. 10 Players Remaining – Tetris 99
    (Friday Night Funkin' Theme)

  20. I'm half-expecting them to end production, as this song not only sounds like music from final boss battle, but it feels like an actual finale in general.

  21. I beatboxed to this at lunch. It was so freaking hype man I don’t care how many people looked at me like I was crazy

  22. 💖 • starlightmayhem fan productions • says:

    GF: A 2v1 isn't fair
    Also GF: Proceeds to do a 2v1 with Tankman

  23. I like the idea of pressing notes throughout most of the song, but where's the challenge?

  24. This one is the most underrated of the three, and it’s my favorite one

  25. this song hits soooooooo hard ngl i always listen to this one

  26. I appreciate that the tankmen in the foreground are completely unharmed

  27. 1:49 is my fav part

    That part had me bopping my head like I was in a rock band😂

  28. Okay, hear me out.

    The start sounds somewhat similar to Lost Emotion from Touhou 13.5.

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