Stress - Friday Night Funkin' OST -

Stress – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. Nobody talks about how they started singing in unison at 1:05

  2. I am firmly of the mind this song was made as the most hype of the week, because it was secretly a set up for the trailer that was about to play after the song. I know going from this "Oh this song fuckin slaps!" to "OH GOD I AM SO HYPED" was how I reacted at least.

  3. it's now 1 year and 9 months that ninjamuffin99 still didnt released week 7 to pc

  4. Bf has became more advanced gf has programmed him to not just copy the opponent

  5. This would've been a banger final boss track, really sad they didn't fully go for that approach.

  6. Possibly Unpopular opinion: stress is the best week 7 song

  7. I had a video about this product called calm and the video it played on was this

  8. This is some fucking badass music, Holly shit

  9. Theres no frickin word on gods green earth that could possibly explain how much of a banger this is.

  10. Rn I was having trouble making a TikTok vid since when I tried moving other stuff it moved something different

  11. Ah yes, Pretty good even if YOU Suck as hell

  12. Tankman when doing nothing: 😬

    Tankman any other time: "YEAH PRETTY GOOD" 😃⬅😄⬇😆⬆😂➡

  13. Last year this song impressed me because this was like the first time BF made original beats insted of repeating

  14. This is one of the most underrated songs of the Friday Night Funkin soundtrack.

  15. Sounds like the fight to capture the Obama prism

    0:03 you and your friends arrive at the station

    0:07 You proceed to sprint towards the gate

    0:13 A guard catches you and calls other guards

    0:18 The guards start running towards you

    0:23 You fight them off one by one

    0:29 Your friend pulls out 2 revolvers

    0:34 The real fight begins

    0:39 You find a sword and take out several guards in your way

    0:44 Your friend with the revolvers snipes the guards from all directions

    0:50 You dodge every single incoming hit coming towards you

    0:56: The first wave of guards are out, but a second wave is coming…

    1:03 The enemy general admits you’re doing well

    1:06 One of your friends gets shot down, but there’s no time to mourn

    1:12 You and your other friend agree to avenge him

    1:17 You make it into the fortress

    1:22 There is a final wave of guards waiting for you

    1:27 you and your friend do synchronized takedowns on each of them

    1:33 It is difficult, but you pull through

    1:39 You decide to ignore the guards and get what you came for, the Obama prism

    1:44 The guards and you agree that it is a stalemate and attacking won’t do anything

    1:50 There are 10 seconds left to get the prism before the place destructs

    1:55 Your friend throws you up to the base to snag the prism

    1:58 You successfully obtain the Obama prism and become the ultimate meme lord (and escape of course)

  16. This song is better then ugh and guns

  17. My highest score on this song is like 111000 and I'm not that good

  18. As músicas desse jogo são incríveis amo esse jogo

  19. Hmph……..Hope……..I feel like I have heard this before

  20. How is this almost a year old 💀

  21. Dude this is probably the most forgotten song from the game

  22. The bass dropped lower than my algebra grades


  24. my favourites list:guns ,stress ,blammed ,fresh ,roses ,thorns

  25. Cant believe this song came out almost a year ago felt just like a few months ago

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