SUSSUS TOOGUS but Every Turn a Different Character Sings 🎤 ( FNF SUSSUS TOOGUS ) 💜 -

SUSSUS TOOGUS but Every Turn a Different Character Sings 🎤 ( FNF SUSSUS TOOGUS ) 💜

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In this Friday Night Funkin video you’ll see sussus toogus but every turn a different character sings it. Different characters sing sussus toogus from Impostor V4 Mod and every turn a different cover is used!

Original Song:

🌟 Mods used 🌟

Impostor V4

VS Sonic.Exe
V.S. Whitty – Definitive Edition
VS Carol
Lullaby Mod VS HYPNO
VS KAPI – Arcade Showdown
VS TABI Ex Boyfriend
VS Cyrix
Baddies Nightmare
Vs Rainbow Friends
VS Skarlet Bunny
VS Cassette Girl
VS Mistful Crimson Morning
Funk Guys Ultimate Knockout

Friday Night Funkin sussus toogus
FNF but everyone sings sussus toogus
FNF sussus toogus but everyone sings it
FNF sussus toogus but every turn a different cover is used
Impostor V4

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #AmongUS


  1. Que impresión, el cover más SUS del mod e incluso los otros,está perfección 😎👍

  2. Sabía que la era BETADCIU para Vs IMPOSTOR comenzaría de nuevo una vez que llegara este update, era demasiado obvio que tú también lo harías. Es absolutamente mejor que los viejos videos de portada sobre este mod que subiste recientemente, e incluso más genial de lo que esperaba. ¡Muchas gracias, SWIRL , este video BETADCIU nunca decepcionaría a un gran fanático de este mod tan esperado! Prueba con BOILING POINT , VICTORY (Week Jorswasee) , SAUCES MOOGUS , ESCULENT , DRIPPYPOP , NEUROTIC o SPOOKPOSTOR como próximo video. ¡Son mis canciones favoritas en toda esta ultima y nueva versión de este mod! ¡Sigue así para nosotros, eres el mejor!

  3. Que nostalgia y recuerdos , el primer betadciu con el que empezó suirl , y ahora trajo el remix remake
    Pero como siempre increíble cover 🍞👍

  4. Alternate titles: SUSSUS TOGGUS but Green is like your BETADCIU
    Saxephone solo: 1:32
    (Feels like a SUSSUS MOGGUS B-SIDES)

  5. Ok right now Neonight,Zynux and you just made Impostor covers so quickly

    Neonight-Sussus Moogus
    Zynux-Sussus Moogus
    Swirl-Sussus Toogus

    I wonder whoes next?

  6. The way that it transitions 💅💅✨✨

  7. Esta canción es 10/10🎧👌 gran trabajo amiga 💜

  8. If people start playing Among Us again, now you know why.
    btw amazing cover, Swirl! 💜

  9. incredible betadciu besides that this was the one you started with and now it's better than before good job

  10. Amazing BETADCIU!! Brings me nostalgia to your first BETADCIU (which is this song)!! Great work, Swirl!

  11. From Zynux to this??? They both slap
    Edit: Whitty and Hypno are characters i love seeing in covers. And no one is talking about how good Kapi was here

  12. Me esperaba un cover de Danger pero esta cancion y cover tambien es buenisimo

  13. Vamos empezando bien el año, con un mod tan asombroso como el vs Impostor V4 ,Let's Go con este BETADCIU!!!

  14. Wow
    What happened today? We had two covers from Neo and Zynux and now from you too? That's stunning and remembers me of old times when this mod got released and i enjoyed this mod most of the time. The most succesful mod in my opinion and you three just opened a memory and perfected it with covers of this mod's songs
    This covers absolutely blew my mind
    Great job all of you, especially you Swirl 💜

  15. Wow Swirl, just wow! The first cover you made while being on YouTube. I remember being one of your first fans, thanks to Hexadust. I haven’t seen Cyrix, Iris, Kapi, Tabi, and a few others in a long time. I’m so glad to see this. One year of you being on YT (I think). It’s so cool to see how much you’ve grown.

    After all, this was amazing, can’t wait to see what’s next to come!

  16. please for heavens sake do not have people sayign this is a peak because that is just DUMB WHEN THE MOD ALREADY DROPPED

  17. This must've been a remastered to your very first betadciu

  18. the cyan guy with a crown and saxophone is named powers he is the imposter (lo siento es entero)

  19. Yooooo, Swirl, I love that cover so much, Great Job making that Cover Swirl.

  20. Heh funny Neonight doing the First Song And Swirl Does Week 2 Version of the First Song Funny

  21. Que nostalgia con este remake de Sussus Tunguss
    Swirl Te quedo chingón 10/10 😊👍

  22. Una de mis canciones favoritas, buen cover swirl nuevo sub

  23. the purple and orange part sounds quiet
    idk why you have to use them

  24. Gran cover escuchando esto ya vi que sera un gran año

  25. Yess another imposter cover you're killin' it!!👍👍

  26. Estobo realmente genial me encanto como quedaron las voces de los personajes 💜🌌

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