Tabi and Nikusa's Hellish Vacation (Friday Night Funkin' Comic Dub) -

Tabi and Nikusa’s Hellish Vacation (Friday Night Funkin’ Comic Dub)

Cougar macdowall Va
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Nikusa, Tabi & Sakuroma spend some time in Sakuroma’s home and meet a cute couple down below. Angel and Demon Gf is a new series coming soon.

Huge thanks to Whensoul for collabing on this comic follow theirTwitter and Instagram below:

☆ Nikusa & Angel Gf played by Kat
☆Agoti played by Jordopriceva:
☆Tabi, Whitty played by me
☆Sarvente, GF played by Jelzyart follow her here:
☆Kitty Cat played by Ssels

Ssels follow him here:

Thanks so much for watching more Friday Night Funkin comics coming soon, maybe a few happier ones but who knows. But don’t worry plenty of Godzilla Vs Kong, Steven Universe, Among Us, and Puppet show things in the works.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. 0:37 She could just say "I'm a goddess of chaos for my sake" since she is a goddess.

  2. El cómic esta cool 0_0 y Nikusa y tabi se ven muy cool el que lo hizo se lo ha currado bastante

  3. Memories broken the truth goes unspoken I've even forgotten my name

    I dont know the season or what is the reason I'm standing here holding my blade

    A desolate place(place)

    Without any trace(trace)

    Its only the cold wind i feel

    Its me that i spite as i stand up and find


    there will be


    The man in the mirror nods his head

    The only one left

    Eill ride upon the dragons back because the mountains don't give back what they take

    O no there will be

    BLOOD(blood) SHED(shed)

    Its the only thing I've ever know

    Losing my identity wondering have i gone insane

    To find the truth in front of me i must climb this mountain range

    Looking downward from this deadly hieght and realising why i fight

    Edit: thats right I'm back you horny demons hahahahaha

  4. Ello Cougar also Jp compsognathus solos everything on your channel

  5. Wait a second…….. Holy shit!! I know those characters

  6. I think that god looking thing and that demon girl is from a comic but i forgot wut the name is

  7. Heh cougar if your reading this 11 year olds watch this when will change back to old cougar

  8. Tabi needs to learn to shut his mouth every now and then

  9. "Nigga wtf is this bullshit?" -sweet Johnson.

  10. As a Tabi fangirl I have to say that I absolutely love Tabi's new outfit! He looks realy great.
    Cool video! You'r great man!👍👍

  11. Hay, she looks like the succubus from overlord she actually looks really good!
    Her name is albedo
    My apologies I almost forgot the name

  12. You're right about that since I immediately recognize that outfit since that's from overlord just repaint

  13. NIKUSA ALBEDO!?!!?!?!!??
    Am i in Heaven???

  14. I'm starting to think if NIkusa
    Really wanted to she could snap All the existence out of existence 🤔

  15. Damnnnnn, Tabi is looking real nice ✨

  16. The creator of the demon and angel couple block me on twitter for no reason and i idk why?.btw nice voice acting here

  17. I was reading this comic a day before this VA uploaded!!

  18. now i want a doom comic dub because of hell

  19. remember when he doesnt make these not horn good days 🙁

  20. I became demonitized as soon as I saw the thumbnail

  21. Me when I see tabi and he's friends:*disappear with peace sign*

  22. I like tabis new clothes and he looks so cool but also I DIDNT like when nikisa did that to tabi

  23. cougar are you sure you didn't watch to much animat

  24. This reminds me of the anime seven deadly sins

  25. Tabi’s head must have a HUGE crack on it…. oof

  26. Enrique Bonilla juanteddy123 Mario retrospecterfan says:

    Wow :0

  27. Tabi can nail the nice look! Oh and uuummm…… can I die like tabi is about to at 3:29 please?

  28. The guy who makes tabi's voice is the original voice actor from the mod?

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