TABI VS VOID (Genocide But Void Sings It) - Friday Night Funkin' -

TABI VS VOID (Genocide But Void Sings It) – Friday Night Funkin’

Lightning Reed
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Original Song:

Void mod:

Tabi mod:


  1. And this was the first video that I saw off your channel. Absolutely fire covers with Void

  2. The fact that void is chill when tabi go mad is the sight of confidence

  3. At the end it felt like a cristan song playing

  4. Stickman vs void all weeks pls pls pls pls!!!!!!

  5. yay, love seeing void in many covers! gj 😀

  6. Tabi: GRRRRR! JUST DIE!!!Void: Prepare to enter the Black Hole!

  7. void honestly has such a good and versatile voice

  8. I am only at the first 4 verses, and i already love voids voice for this

  9. health bar is interesting to look at
    who's with me

  10. This is so COOL, this should be a actual mod.

  11. void is a very underrated character who needs more love

  12. Void has been my favorite character since his mod came out

  13. 1:40 ALWAYS hits hard! The beat and vocals have SYNERGY suddenly, amazing cover >:)

  14. It's litteraly a chaotic atmosphere with a deranged insivible man with a goat and some anger issues, that has blown up a restaurant and put it on fire, but Void seems to be totally alright, so much that he start to dance and sing with style while Tabi yelling at him

  15. Tabi: get out of my restaurant you purple mystery man.Void: ???, no

  16. Tabi: I'm gonna kill youVoid: laughs try me punkTabi again: raaaa just dieMe: oh God let this nightmare end im scared

  17. I really like tabis singing. Especially to this song

  18. تريد المزيد من voidارجوكم

  19. No matter what void sounds like he will still sound so good no matter what song you put him still sounds good

  20. Tabi: *triying to beat Void *

    Void: *of chill winning *

  21. Tabi: Death threatsVoid: S P A C E M U S I C

  22. I like the way that void and. Ravi does the left and right arrow together cause void made a cool DJ voice 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  23. “I angered a person so much they exploded a building (GONE WRONG) subscribe now like to see part 2”Void did it for the views

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