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TADC II FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Fan Animation II All Results Screen II

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I saw the new update of fnf & I wanted to make a fan animation of the tadc characters Jax & pomni, you know why XD

Inspred Video:

Insta: / allhailthequeenuwu
TikTok: / allhailthequeenuw


  1. This is by far the worst mod I’ve ever seen

  2. It would be more in character for Jax to intentionally miss the bed after throwing her

  3. Awww, ❤ What a wholesome turn of events

  4. Couldn't figure out a way to wholesomeify THAT ONE, huh
    That's reasonable

  5. never let this man cook again 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. El 100% 90% 80% 70% 45% estan muy comicos 10/10 Gg el Jax le demuestra a Pomni que Puede hacer🎶🎤🐾😅🎵🎨🎭🎪❤

  7. I saw the thumbnail and i just said."welp…its not finna end well,BUT WHAT IF-"

  8. "DONT DO,DONT MAKE MORE BRAINRO-, oh,is fine 🙂"

  9. nice animation but almost done the artist thing (also is this made from flipaclip?)

  10. Since jax i a troll he would most likely do some of these

  11. If you have pomni. Better throw her off the bed for more content

  12. Самое милое что видела сегодня❤
    Обожаю шип помни и джек

  13. When i saw the title i was immediately like "wait in the perfect score they do uh so…

  14. 0:05 Jax:Get yeeted b#@ch. Pomni:AAAAAHAAAAAA JAX YOU B#@CH!

  15. I thought Pomni was just gonna fall to the ground face first because Jax is that kind of person until I saw the bed, thank god though they just decided to jump on it ☠️

  16. I lost 99999999 social credit for being dirty minded 0:08

  17. Man I got só scared for the first one lol thank god

  18. At the end I thought she was doing something else 💀

  19. I love how when Jax is just celebrating Pomni is just confused at first😂

  20. me at the start: oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    realizes: oh.

  21. It would be better if it was gummioo instead

  22. ФУХ… Я УЖ ПОДУМАЛ 😮‍💨

    Edit: if you don't know what i'm talking abt, it's where Jax was jumping and honestly it was adorable🥺 EVEN POMNI JOINED IN AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  24. The Start And The End Got Me There For A Sec 😭

  25. А я то сначала испугался…

  26. when he threw pomni at the bed i was kinda scared though


  28. That’s what I needed the ending to be in perfect without naughtyness. 0:00

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