Talis Too Slow Remix?? #fnf #sonic #fridaynightfunkin #sonicexefnf #creepypasta #fnfmod #fnfmod - currygoatrevenge.com

Talis Too Slow Remix?? #fnf #sonic #fridaynightfunkin #sonicexefnf #creepypasta #fnfmod #fnfmod

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I’ll be playing Sonic.EXE: Confronting Yourself [Final Zone V2] on very hard difficulty, will BF, GF, Tails & Sonic The Hedgehog finally defeat Sonic.exe/Fleetway, or will they all lose?

Sonic.EXE: Confronting Yourself (Final Zone V2) Mod Download

Game Note by SnowTheFox: The FF Mix of ‘Confronting Yourself’ has just been made (unofficially) playable! But for what it’s worth, the funny man, Penkaru himself, has greenlit this mod personally

Sonic.exe (also known as “X” or “exe” for short) is the titular main antagonist of the Sonic.EXE series. Sonic.EXE sends out a haunted game disc featuring the creature killing the main Sonic characters and has a lot of jumpscares. Appeared in many mods such as SONIC.EXE 2.5 / 3.0, Starved Eggman, Final Escape & New Triple Trouble Reanimated & Remixed mod.
Friday Night Funkin’ is a Newgrounds rhythm game made in HaxeFlixel originally created for Ludum Dare 47. Programmed by ninjamuffin99 with a soundtrack produced by Kawai Sprite and artwork created by PhantomArcade and evilsk8r, the game can be played on Newgrounds or played/downloaded for free on Itch.io. The plot of the game centers around Boyfriend trying to hook up with Girlfriend, but her ex-rockstar father Daddy Dearest doesn’t approve of him. It’s up to Boyfriend to rap battle his way through him and anyone else that stands in his way so that he can finally get freaky! Think you got what it takes?
In August 2011, user JC-the-Hyena submitted a story on the Creepypasta Wiki about a strange CD-ROM the narrator received from a friend. The CD had SONIC.EXE written on it (.exe is file extension designating an executable file). It centered around the video game franchise and character Sonic the Hedgehog. A prominent feature of the story was the look of its murderous incarnation of Sonic, who had been given black, bleeding eyeballs with glowing red pupils. The creator later explained that the creepypasta had been inspired by an edited screencap of the character.
The Sonic.exe mod for Friday Night Funkin’ is a fan-made modification that introduces elements from the Sonic.exe creepypasta into the gameplay of Friday Night Funkin’. In this mod, players can experience a unique crossover between the two worlds, combining the rhythm-based gameplay of Friday Night Funkin’ with the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of the Sonic.exe story. The mod incorporates new character designs, music tracks, and visual effects that reflect the dark and twisted nature of the Sonic.exe universe. Players can engage in rap battles against Sonic.exe and other characters from the mod, immersing themselves in a fusion of the Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay mechanics and the unsettling narrative of the Sonic.exe lore.
Cover:A cover, version, remake, can be defined as an interpretation or recording of a song previously recorded by a musician other than the original composer or artist.
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  1. Sonic exe merhaba benimle oynamak istermisin

    Ben yok zıkkım oynarım zıkkım

    Sonik exe kapak yer

  2. If i was tails i get in fortnite and get the best rifle and shoot sonic exe fucked

  3. Why background is MARIO MADNESS(or Mario the killer)

  4. This song gives me flashbacks of playing sonic mania

  5. In fact that If you die with "x 1" life left, your life counter goes to "x 0" but you're still alive.

  6. tails is to slow get killed by sonic.exe

  7. To me at least i. Kinda getting tired of mods inculding bf and gf as protagonists..In them Like Sonic.exe shouldve..been like this..but that is the game over and..instead the three defeat xenophanes And escape or rather focus on events from the thing like lord x have tails in his ya know pc port self and then maybe majin have bf and gf I guess just for that song. You get what I mean😅

  8. Poor tails he just wanted his friend back but instead got killed by his own friend😢😢👇salute the fallen fox…

  9. Tails singing the best song I’ve ever heard:
    Also tails at the end because he choked:eughbfb-crack AIGHTFDTTVTSSVJJHVAVAFYAVHYFAVFYAVAHAHAHSHEIWZPz

  10. sonic see exe play 🧟😭😭😱👽🚨🚔

  11. Sonic. Exe:"GOT YOU NO-"
    Tails turns ultra instinct with prowler meme
    Tails:"Nah f*ck this I aint dyin"
    Sonic. Exe:"WAIT TAILS N-"

  12. Tails being chased to death also tails:sings the best sonic 3 music

  13. We arent gonna talk about how Tails got edged at the end? did you hear those sounds?????

  14. Nah that death was mad crazy💀 AND WHY DOSE TAILS ALWAYS HAS TO DIE FIRST😭😭


  16. Sonic exe: you want play me: your to boring

  17. No tails I will remember you😢😢😢😢😢

  18. This is my highest viewed short i can't thank all of you enough

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