TF2 in Friday Night Funkin' tells a love story between the Heavy and Miss Pauling -

TF2 in Friday Night Funkin’ tells a love story between the Heavy and Miss Pauling

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Can the TF2 Heavy have enough balls to win Miss Paulings love and stop the Soldier from being Canadian as well?

All Friday Night Funkin’ Mods used in the video

solder tf2 –
Scout TF2 Over Pico –
TF2 but it’s in FNF –
scout’s mom tf2 over mom –
Heavy TF2 | Boyfriend Re-skin –
miss pauling tf2 over GF –
Kids Soldier and Demoman TF2 Over Skid n’ Pump –

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Outro Music: Behind these Closed Doors by Otis McDonald

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  1. Scout has Sasha
    Heavy has Pauling
    It is weird day

  2. 5:16 The song name is Bonkumiru that is parody from Chirumiru , Yes i like TF2 x Touhou.

  3. Came to say something about scout but saw the pinned comment 🙁

  4. the only thing realistic is demoman and soldier (they are a friend in the story)

  5. me: seeing that miss pauling is the daughter of spy and scout mom

  6. So no one is gonna talk about the fact heavy pissed himself

  7. I Got an idea for soldiers boss fight as senpai when senpai transforms into that demon sort of style that floating face they should replace that now just hear me out here they should replace senpai's final form in the rap battle..

  8. i see mediexcalibur is a pelo enthusiast too

  9. Everytime he tries to voice act a character, it always result to russian spy

  10. I Think M.I.L.F. is one of the the hardest song. (Last song of week 4)

  11. 5:15 it’s not on sync since you put it on normal difficulty

  12. Theres a mod that replaces week1s songs with demo and heavy lyrics, just sayin.

  13. Main character should have been scout
    Week 1 should have been spy
    Week 2 is perfect
    Week 3 should have been pyro
    Week 4 isn't bad
    Week 5 is a combination of 1-4, and santa being heavy is accurate
    Week 6 should have been sniper and he turns into merasmus at third song

  14. For the Pico/scout custom so g try changing the difficulty

  15. at least medi uses as up right like I do

  16. Scout: U Fqing bald bastard, 200 yeahrs of const…

  17. “There’s tons of rule 34 for this character isn’t there”
    Yes there is

  18. The blue woman is accualy the administrator xD

  19. would've been great if they changed the songs using the mercs' voices

  20. I can tell scout has blocked all contact with heavy and miss Pauling

    And hasn’t forgive and miss palling
    Despite Miss palling trying to apologize and claiming “it’s a joke”

    But we’ll wait that’s my fan theory

  21. "oh no i c- *i think Heavy piss himself–*"

  22. Someone tell this man about overtime
    You can flirt with the medic

  23. Instead of heavy, (if not scout) spy would better

  24. hey med so the custom week 3 song was probably mapped on hard

  25. I laughed when you said heavy pissed his self

  26. Short heavy doesn’t exist it can’t hurt you
    Short heavy:

  27. Keep up the great work!! I recommend using PromoSM.! ! It’s the best way to grow your channel quickly!

  28. Gg heavy you put up a good fight and won in the end 👏

  29. You disappointed me because heavy does not say pootis when doing notes

  30. I had to pause it when that first "Beep" came out. That is not a sound I was expecting.

  31. There's a new tf2 mod its actually really good

  32. Mom, can we get friday night fortress
    We have friday night fortress at home
    friday night fortress at home

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