The DARKNESS Takes Over GAMETOONS... (Cartoon Animation) -

The DARKNESS Takes Over GAMETOONS… (Cartoon Animation)

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Friday Night Funkin’ is made by ninjamuffin99 (programmer), PhantomArcade (animator), kawaisprite (musician), and evilsk8r (artist)

Special thanks to The Annoying Orange channel for making the series that this FNF mod is based on!

Mod Creators for Pibby – Vs. Annoying Orange Mod:
SlightlyCreative – original mod creator
Jacob Tisc – “Sliced” song creator

The Darkness has taken over the GameToons universe and now Player and Pibby must find a way to stop it! They travel from Poppy Playtime to Among Us to Minecraft and even Friday Night Funkin’ to defeat the source of the evil.

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  4. I would like to know if GameToons is intended for people of all ages to see, so I could show some of my other members.

  5. Darkness the Wolf: Garmadons Assasin Daughter says:

    Well, I'm sorry guys, I didn't mean to take it out on Gametoons. THE DARKNESS CANNOT BE STOPPED

  6. Hi I like all your videos, release them more often

  7. Make a crossover of Poppy Playtime and Friday Night Funkin

  8. £inall¥ after 7 months of ₩aiting there's a n€w fnf vide●:D■¥₩¡《

  9. Friday night funkin game rap is back. Big fan of that game.

  10. When are you gonna do Friday night Funkin again with player girlfriend

  11. Idk who behind the darkness from Friday Night Funkin'

  12. Friday night funkin and im glad you brought that back

  13. I can’t believe this! Annoying orange is the darkness!

  14. At least they brought back the Among Us crew.

  15. So the main source is the Annoying Orange maybe the Annoying Orange is mad that no one was laughing at his jokes so he made the darkness the force everyone laugh because whoever make something only day you can control it so the darkness is going on people interrupting their brain so The Annoying Orange can control people but the darkness found a way to get to another universe but the darkness can only go into cartoon worlds and no one knows why it can only go to Cartoon worlds it's a big mystery

  16. Fnf and among us
    Also this man made a whole movie
    Also player learn your lesson of standing on a Pibby orange

  17. Can you keep making poppy playtime videos

  18. Now piggy has the darkness because player was hugging Piggy and he had the darkness so the darkness inside of player went to Penny

  19. I think Park two is going to come up with player corrupted

  20. I like how orange is the source of the darkness

  21. I think all of it because it’s hard to choose

  22. Omg imagine before veteran got corrupted he would say "good luck player, I love you"

  23. The Final FNF Opponent: The Annoying Orange!

  24. What's your favorite GameToons series?

    Poppy Playtime, Among Us, Minecraft, Friday Night Funkin' or something else? Comment down below!

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