The Friday Night Funkin' Update -

The Friday Night Funkin’ Update

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Oh, how little has changed in one year…

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  1. I was literally thinking how is fnf was doing recently even after not think about it for years

  2. I stopped following the project around like, a year and a half ago and I'm STILL being constantly spoon-fed sinkwater stew about how the game is DEAD 😢😢😢😢and how the developers are actually CHEAPSKATES 😠😠. All of it somehow manages to be more annoying than the silence itself. Its just a shit-spewing negative feedback loop caused by people thinking the release of the full game would have been life changing. Ironically enough however, it probably won't satisfy them at all anymore. Regardless of what happens, they pushed their expectations up to the level of Half-Life 3's and now they're hoping that they can be exceeded. They're going to try to chase the high that the excitement of that gives so that maybe it would finally satisfy them and make them feel like they were a part of something they felt something about. But, unfortunately this will never be the case, nothing will change how they feel about it and they'll blame a list of arbitrary reasons that come with game development. Then wash, rinse and repeat.

  3. It's really bad that there's people still waiting on their physical rewards. But I'd mostly blame that on the manufacturers if their working with another company that's making them.

    I've always had this gut feeling that the reason why they haven't showed any game play updates or screenshots of the game is because of modders/tracers making mods of it.

    But even with that, it would be nice to have consistent updates of the games progress. Even if it's just small bits, it's better than being put on silent mode.

  4. Na this game is pretty much a community game now
    Mods are out doing and out preforming the og game

  5. 1047 days since the kickstarter, and i still stand waiting.

  6. i genuinely think they spent the kickstarter money on drugs or crack or something

  7. Friday Night Funkin' has helped people introduce so many innovative stories that not only have entertained people, but introduced other projects that may've flown under the radar. MX being a good example, I think.

  8. If this game EVER comes out and it turns out to be mid as hell, I really hope we get a What Happun video on it.

  9. well the maker was nice enough to give me 1 Month supporter in NG

  10. They made a post for the chart editor, the soundtrack is a banger, i suggest to listen to it

  11. 2:23 hi, I used to do webdev and this… surprises me.

    I know the devs behind this game are big open source fans (I know that because the game itself was open source for a long time, afaik still is, and the final build probably will be at some point), but it does surprise me that they decided to reinvent the wheel and make their own blogging platform rather than just… fork one of the many existing ones. or easier, rely on the intrastructure they already have (such as Kickstarter itself).

    It balloons the scope of the whole project and its budget, and it makes me feel that these guys do not have their priorities straight.

  12. was this video made before or after the new funkin blog that shows the new chart editor + a new song
    cause like they're starting to talk more about the game now + a twitter account to talk about official news for the game to the public lol

  13. I'm pretty sure that a majority of the funds they raised was used on drugs

  14. I feel like this game is gonna be canceled in the last quarter of this year

  15. This is what happens when a bunch of unprofessional unprepared people bite off way more than they can chew. They clearly just put all those bonuses and perks in the Kickstarter not expecting any of them to actually happen.

  16. 5:59 as a #1 FNF fans (i mean, i called myself "#1" cause i got to meet Ninjamuffin99) but here's my correction. Pins and Posters does exists, the reason why they didn't send it is because they had a Meetup in July 29th 2023. it cost me 95$ dollars (cause of full sets of pins, posters and Vinyl) and you don't even need to back the game thankfully

  17. Ordinarily a huge modding scene would sound great, but in this case, the mods overscoped and blew the main game out of the water. Week 8 probably felt a bit like Ninja_muffin and company copying the fans.

    If certain allegations surrounding NinjaMuffin are true (I don't know how reliable a source Parlo is.), FNF already went the way of Delitaspoon. (Undertale teaches children to bend over for murderous strangers; no self-defense, only "playing". All while Tobby would rather sabotage projects such as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.)

  18. Honestly, the most damning thing about the entire full game situation is that in the time between Week 7 or so and now, fans managed to not only do a new engine that vastly improves the OG one (aka not janky as hell/doesn't implode doing double or triple arrow presses), but also do enough "weeks" worth of content to fill up the Full Ass Game-sized roster the devs said they'd do several time over by now, begin actual multiplayer work and do more fancy/unique mechanics for songs than the actual devs likely would ever do. And fans have even been expanding on a story here and there that goes well beyond the newgrounds-tier original story of "lol boy wants to clap girl's cheeks and rock star dad doesn't want that".

    And now I'm starting to wonder if that one "joke" tweet years back of Ninjamuffin spending the entirety of the kickstarter money on booze/ect. wasn't actually a joke and all of this has just been stalling/delaying the inevitable once everyone realizes they'd been had the whole time.

  19. I like that a big content creator is holding the FNF team accountable for making their game. It’s been years and nothing to show

  20. i swear to god i could make the ENTIRE kickstarter in less time then they have and i dont even know how to code

  21. "There's no update."

    Looks at the Friday Night Funkin' Sound Team channel that has music made a few days ago by KawaiiSprite with a whole blog talking about the progress of FNF

    Istg you guys are impaitent af.

  22. Thank you for this honestly, I was curious on what was going on with fnf

  23. Hot take, but I consider Mario Madness v2 to just be the full game. It is higher quality and actually has love put into it. That will forever be my cannon FNF game.

  24. I feel like, with every month/semester/year, The Walten Files' tweet about development hell becomes more and more valid.

    Like, I'm not asking the game to be finished quick. But no updates to the base game, the fact it's still Newgrounds exclusive, etc. People will vindicate posts that were satirized and mocked.

  25. I remember backing the T-shirt tier with the CD add on. Hearing how you got the CD and there being no updates on anything has been really sad and frustrating. I wonder when I will get the CD then, hope they deliver regardless.

  26. Man ramples about an indie game. That's has a small team and is acting like it's Saga or Nintendo. Do i have to say this again? Small Development Team. This is Their first time doing stuffing like this. They probably have no clue on how ship stuff A cross country or state, People just expect that stuff like this will happen fast because they're used to big development teams. That does it in a few months. There's a saying that goes Walk a mile In their shoes. Imagine that you're a small team being pushed by every single fan to update the game, Plus There Rewriting the source code to make it easier to read and add stuff, Also also Do not know how Long It takes to write code and make art and animation, For a small team this is A lot of work load, Did I explain that enough, Impatient FNFkids,
    Edit: They're probably scared to release more info because all the moders trace art or straight up copy mechanics they're adding. So what that means is the development team has to make entirely new stuff. And don't forget they have to come up with it. We're even lucky they released more info.

  27. They recently just created an official account on Twitter

  28. hear me out imagen this game from blow up because of the mod and drama and become ambition and end up like the day before situation and they be like oh here the full game just trash. they show the trailers and end up like day before great trailer with beautiful game play before and end up down hill and the company shut down maybe less than 4 day and they promise to fix it later via patch but it never will or like hytale wait over like 5 year and is never out .
    or if want to happy ending they should hire some mod team or create they own company to remake the game to become fresh and new new story new cut seen new song new enemy and stuff instead just vent in there blog or end up scamming people like day before

  29. As a person that backed this project, i would very much love to not only hope it's not a scam, but see this project to completion

  30. If you think waiting this amount of time without many updates is bad then you would not survive as a Silksong fan dude I swear to god

  31. Nah
    The New chart menu theme is so good

    See you all in 2030 to play the Full game

  32. I still haven’t gotten my tier stuff yet, which has a vinyl, cassette and stuff. I REALLY hope it comes soon

  33. Hollup, weren't there a blog update showing the new charting menu stuff and bonuses?

    Omori is a perfect game to compare to FNF. It did take a while to finish which made people think Omocat scammed everyone. But eventually the game got released!

    All we can do now is to wait.

    And like y'all have better stuff to do instead of waiting for this game. Like… Making your own games!

  34. yall, remember what is actually going into the game, the engine is already built and is fairly easy to work with, the hold up is on music and art

  35. 2 things they need to do:
    1 – Make the update blogs MONTHLY if they can't be bothered to keep us in the loop weekly (especially with the useless venting that no one asked for).
    2 – Be more honest about some of the production. Specifically instead of just continuously saying 'the T-shirts will be here soon' over and over again, just be honest and explain WHY the T-shirts have been delayed a lot.

  36. Since the kickstarter, I actually have stopped following the game community. Like I basically forgot about the game.

  37. At this point FNF is a game made by the fans and not the actual devs behind FNF because any relevance this game still has today is 110% because of its community and what's even better is that we don't need to sink thousands or even millions of real life money for any FNF mod that gets released. WE GET TO EAT ALL THAT FOR FREE!!

  38. And then GD went viral of an one update

  39. How about we be nice to the devs and realize that game development takes time

  40. I am FNF fan and I can guarantee you that I don’t even hope for the main game to release anymore. I’m just enjoying the mods

  41. I find it hilarious that the lead programmer provided the most detailed update as opposed to the lead artist.

  42. I am convinced that the community can make fnf faster than the actual fnf devs bruh

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