The Most UNNERVING Friday Night Funkin' Mod. -

The Most UNNERVING Friday Night Funkin’ Mod.

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The Most UNNERVING Friday Night Funkin’ Mod. Sppoky ahh fnf mod..

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00:00 Luh Intro
00:23 Under-The-Tree
03:03 Comatose
05:22 Gamebanana Page
06:14 Luh Outro

play the mod here

Dead Air

#fridaynightfunkin #fnf


  1. Hell, yeah, comatose is fire. We’re getting paralyzed by an evil broadcast and learning blink Morse code with this one.🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯🗣️🔥🔥🔥

  2. Her NAME IS the boiled one was comatose


  4. This reminds Aphex Twins in all his glory

  5. the first song is based on the YouTube series "ChezzKids Archive" it's real good for anyone wondering and also a good watch

    and remember D0n]t T3II Lo1a

  6. Ngl this feels like something you’d find off 4chan as a disturbing copy of fnf that would have cp at the end and tor that would shut your computer off

  7. Btw the first song is chezzkids archive, which is a arg thingy that is horror

  8. why does that red guy looks like lemon demon

  9. Yo there's a melted one mod already? Hell yeah!

  10. i have no idea how you are boppin your head to this, all respect i love fnf but this mods mid at best

  11. the melted face is from a video called "The Boiled One Phenomenon", made by a youtuber named Doctor Nowhere.

  12. listen closely. do you hear it? you will hesr the laughter of thousands as the sky opens up. you will hear the trumpets playing their happy sounds. the scalding blood of life will pour down to us all. together, we will be still. together, a feast for the king. together, welded by love and purest connection. be still. let this AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  13. Make sure you dont hear trumpets before you fall asleep

  14. never heard any fnf songs like this, this shits good

  15. I actually found a secret song in the files of this game, its just an eye rapidly moving about with a song playing. The notes are invisible and if you die it shuts off your computer.

  16. As soon as a saw the thumbnail i was like "…. Good video-"

  17. I got a question
    How long have you been playing fnf for

  18. The weird looking character for this mod is based on an analogy horror series that looks like flesh, and 8BitRyan made a reaction off it

    And… It's actually really good and actually unsettling 😅

    The video is called The boiled one phenomenon.

  19. Aye my brother, the melted face thing is from the channel “DoctorNowhere” on youtube, he makes analogue horror series. Its actually fire asf (and terrifying, too) surprised to see someone make a mod about it this fast lol (just for some context bro)

  20. the 2nd mod is based off a analog series by Doctor Nowhere called "THE BOILED ONE PHENOMENON"
    they have other short analog stuff, should give it a watch

  21. the music goes hard asf tho especially comatose

  22. Hi! Great video, and btw I made a fixed version of the Sus Lore mod with actual fnf vocals I made of you, if you check it out I hope you like it!

  23. the boiled one phenomenon song is actually pretty good ngl

  24. Did NOT expect you to play this bro, one of my personal favorite mods

  25. You gotta try out Jeffy’s Endless Aethos, as corny as it sounds, it’s really good.

  26. YOO THAT WAS FAST AF (also im sorry lol) the only song i like is the last tbh surprised you play all i ask for well in that case play Tainted Fate (ofc only if you want to)

  27. Tomorrow you need yo make the reaction from that analog horror serie

  28. DAMN, that 2nd song was going in!❤ I recommend “Hit single mod” if you would like to check it out in the future, it has 4 songs. (Love the video by the way!)

  29. Nah this was kinda hard, like it, might put comatose on my playlist

  30. First mod is based on a series called the Chezzkids Archive
    Watch it at your risk if you are fine with really messed up stuff, compared to some other online horror stuff tho, it may not be as bad
    It has a lot of lore outside of the videos too

  31. i just saw a reaction vid about this analog horror series a few vids ago. 😭🙏

  32. Yeah, it's a mod about Horror Media and all of that crap.

    'Under the tree' is based off an digital horror ARG called 'Chezzkids', and that creepy girl is Sarah, creator of this so known 'Chezzkids website' that was lost. The lore is kinda fucked up, and I mean that it's creepy AND complicated.

    And 'Comatose' is, you probably know, The Boiled One Phenomenom, by Doctor Nowhere. Fun fact, it's made by Sandi! One of the composer's for the Mario Madness mod!

    That's all you should know, there's more crap being made for this mod and I hope you'll play more of these fucked up mods!

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