THE NEW D-SIDE REMIXES ARE INSANE. (Friday Night Funkin, D-Sides 2.6 Sonic.exe Ourple Guy Update) -

THE NEW D-SIDE REMIXES ARE INSANE. (Friday Night Funkin, D-Sides 2.6 Sonic.exe Ourple Guy Update)

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dont mind me…
0:00 talking but its for like 3 seconds you can handle it
0:19 actually start lol
2:24 Song 1 !!! (Guy – Friday Night Funkin’ Dsides Remix – kiwiquest/sherri)
4:22 intermission
4:31 Song 2 !!! (Lore – Friday Night Funkin’ Dsides Remix – kiwiquest/sherri and samiiwave)
7:37 in. ter mission
8:35 i pirated the game yeah its true! okay! i did !
9:55 Song 3 !!! (Cycles – Friday Night Funkin’ Dsides Remix kiwiquest/sherri and Rareblin)
15:19 Begin my ultimate quest to access D-Side Endless
17:16 Song 4 !!! (Endless – Friday Night Funkin’ D-Side Remix – kiwiquest/sherri)
19:56 mission. but its like. inter
20:14 Song 5 !!! (Milk – Friday Night Funkin’ Dsides Remix – kiwiquest/sherri)
22:49 intermetisionnn
23:05 Song 6 !!! (Test – Friday Night Funkin’ D Side – QaDoX)
25:18 Song 7 !!! (Smash – Friday Night Funkin’ D Side – QaDoX)
26:48 Song 8 !!! (Ridge – Friday Night Funkin’ D Side – QaDoX)
28:42 final thoughts
29:01 outrol

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niffirg – THE NEW D-SIDE REMIXES ARE INSANE. (Friday Night Funkin, D-Sides 2.6 Sonic.exe Ourple Guy Update)


  1. i like to consider niffirg as my spirit animal, we're both mentally insane

  2. I hope people understand that you're not playing hypno's, but you were on the team for it and you already said that about hotline 70 something. Good to see you upload.

  3. Endless disk as stage floor sorta reminds me of that lost media "Sega Multimedia Studio: Sega CD demo" which was found back in 2019. Not 100%, but that might be the inspiration here

  4. I like to think that the MatPat seen in D-Sides is just himself but aged about 5 years. A new FNaF game came out that was esentially a new universe and MatPat is super pissed because he has to do the whole cycle of figuring out the lore through potentially multiple games spanning at best a couple years apart again.

  5. Also, the Milk one seems to be referencing a fangame "Sunky's SchoolHouse", and the room you were in was Mighty's office. That's who is on break. You can also see cool sunglasses behind Eggman which Mighty was wearing in that game and pink cans full of… jam, if I recall correctly (then ofc he comes in by himself)

  6. the other characters in cycles are from other sega games
    1. ofc mighty
    2. ristar
    3. vectorman
    4. alex kidd

  7. I think the characters from cycles were mighty, possibly sonic?, E-102, and chris thorndike

  8. Heyya, i made the funni sprites for god z, matpat and a few other sprites for endless and milk, it was rlly fun making those sprites and hope ya enjoyed this update, the team put so much hear in it!

  9. Fyi, the characters are all different SEGA characters. In order they're Mighty (obviously), Ristar, Vectorman (the most criminally underrated SEGA game btw), and Alex Kidd. Check the games out, they're all pretty interesting and fun.

  10. Fun fact
    If you play week 0 before unlocking endless all the numbers you have to put in are offset by 3 and it sucks

  11. Week 0 is pretty underrated compared to the rest of the update
    Funkin' loved it

  12. Wait ourple is rose
    Another word for guy is bud

  13. Fun little fact that most might know: God Z's Right pose shows each form that'll come next. Example: Mighty – Ristar, Ristar – Vectorman, Vectorman – Alex Kidd, Alex Kidd – Back to Mighty (Mighty with all forms intact into one.) Extra info, i noticed that God Z is holding victims as mics. The only thing that i could recognize out of the four forms is Ray. (I'll put more characters after i find characters)

  14. I remember my moment of triumph when I saw niffrig who is infinitely better than I am use botplay on despair og version when I beat it. It felt amazing, but If you see this know your my favourite fnf tuber

  15. Honestly I wanted you to play this so it's good that you did

  16. Bruh imagine if in week 7 its just the test dummie from week 0 after working for the army XD

  17. Fun fact the right poses of the cycles song all the characters show the next one in the line.

  18. Im dumb never realized niffirg was griffin and that that was your name.

  19. The characters in the cycles song are from different games 👌

  20. The Cycles Characters Are Sega Characters

    1st one was Ristar
    2nd ik him but idk his name ._.
    3rd Alex Kidd the mascot before Sonic came to existence

  21. That moment when you realize that D side matpat is the Charlie Day theory meme

  22. I love how it's phone dude instead phone guy. The detail

  23. U mIsSeD lUlIAbY v2!!!

    oh wait, u made the charting for it

  24. Milk is actually based on a video game

  25. love how God Z goes from Mighty, to Ristar, to Vectorman, to Alex Kidd, back to Mighty, it's just one big mesh of sega

  26. I don't get how they were able to make a 5 minute masterpiece out of a 2 and a half minutes song

  27. I like how they took the B3 route with Endless, and made the song bop to itself.

    plus, im always a fan of modcharting, even if im really bad at it.

  28. I'm not sure if anybody's told you yet so I'll just put this here.

    The 3 characters that God Z transform into are from obscure SEGA titles, they're not Sonic characters.

    The first character is named Ristar, from the game of the same name. In the game, he's sent out to stop a leader named 'Kaiser Greedy' (God Z is also holding his decapitated head in Ristar's form) from taking over the world, pretty standard villainous stuff.

    The second character is named Vectorman, from the game of the same name. His main goal in his game is to stop a robot named 'Warhead' (A robot originally named Raster who went awry due to being accidentally connected to a nuclear weapon. God Z is also holding his decapitated head in Vectorman's form) who plans to take over the world.

    The third character is named Alex Kidd, who first appeared in the 1986 game, "Alex Kidd in the Miracle World" (Making him the oldest mascot here.) His main goal is to uhhh…I forgot but God Z is holding Ashra (AKatEC's main antagonist)'s decapitated head.

  29. The scream of pure fear when Tenma Mighty starts turning the chart into an infinity is priceless

  30. 14:05 I find it cool that every change in the faces changes the icon at the bottom too

  31. You can just tell from the way he acts in his videos this is not how he's like outside of youtube at all.


  33. D-side MatPat might be true, cause he has to reset the FNAF lore videos to square one.

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