The New Friday Night Funkin' Update is FINALLY HERE! -

The New Friday Night Funkin’ Update is FINALLY HERE!

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Friday Night Funkin’ is one of the most anticipated Indie Games of all time, and coming off of a successful kickstarter, many have wondered if we’re ever going to get the game. The new update JUST Dropped featuring “Week 8” which was titled Week End 1, along with new Erect Remixes. Especially with development of my own game, Indigo Park, I’m excited to see what other indie’s have coming up.

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Outro music by DPZ for the VS UniqueGeese – Feathery Fight Soundtrack:

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  1. Ah yes, FNF… the only game where you can say things like "Is monster erect?" and "I can't wait for MILF erect" without it being weird :3

  2. That mf won't be lemon demon till' he sings cabinet man or touch tone telephone

  3. Now we got to wait another 3 uears for the real week 8

  4. Why does the second to last mode in the new week sound so familiar?

  5. Hey they didn’t spent it on crack good for them

  6. I'm sorry but this is such a letdown yall don't have to act

  7. i had forgotten how unplayable laggy and dogshit the original version is

  8. A mod maker can make this shit in 2 months, this ain't even shit compared to the time give it took…

  9. "And it loads quicker" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THATS THE FUNNIEST JOKE IVE EVER HEARD HAHAHAHAHA (it kept getting stuck on the loading screen before weekend 1 and any erect song I tried to play)

  10. i'm pretty sure the "null object" crash is the loading screen between songs in story mode not working on the windows release for whatever reason; the crash will strike at random times and it's really annoying, but it works just fine on the newgrounds release

  11. 26:32 they had the hatsune miku: biggest inspiration splash text as one of the ones you could get so she aint fully gone

  12. i am just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happppy week 8 is hear

  13. after 3 years geese is STILL horrible at this game!

    nah im jokin, this week was fire and i’m glad to see him play it his content is really entertaining!

  14. Wait on the title screen there's a secret if you do i think you need to exit to it after pressing enter or just go afk not sure how to get it i just waited on the title screen

  15. Damn! this is really good and it's much better than before! now we know what happened with Pico and his friends were hired to kill Boyfriend but as Pico was doing a rap battle they didn't get paid and he gave everything Is this beef with Darnell and Nene, speaking of them, just me or has their design changed a lot? They look different, more detailed and even more expressive, I loved these animations and the songs, if all the next updates are like this I'm already satisfied

  16. ya i watched other youtubers andf the speakers work i think YOU NOT EXTRACTING THE GAME is whats causing the issues win rar might not be able to accses some required game files
    which caused you to miss why they where suddenly punching each other

  17. why is my fnf at 20 fps and wont go up any further? i dont have anything opened when i played it

  18. miku still there, week 5 jus rlly zoomed in

  19. Friday night funkin week 8 before gta6😔

  20. Ok I'm so confused is this actually an official update?????

  21. idk why but i cant play the rest of the songs except the first one bc when i beat darnell it just says "null object reference" 😭

  22. I forgot about this game wonder if it will gain back its formal popularity.

  23. they did in fact, not change the charting

  24. 18:15 they did in fact, also not change this chart… so its not harder

  25. Okay so dude complains about the browser version being "laggy" (Runs at a smooth fps) and fsr just refuses to go to the settings and up his fps 🥲🥴

  26. Yo UniqueGeese, are you gonna play Vs. eteleD System Overload?

  27. It took them 3 years to make this pile of garbage.


  29. Try'na son me
    Hehe funny
    all dotted i's N crossed t's

  30. I think it’s kinda easy to forget that FNF really is really cool. It kinda got swept up in what happens to things on the internet when they get really popular, but now that it’s had time to cool down, a return to the vanilla game is a great reminder of why it got popular in the first place.

  31. animation and art is fantastic, music is mid, and input system is ass. idk man the mods seem way better as of now

  32. You can really feel the newgrounds energy seeping from every part of this game.

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