The Polar Express x Friday Night Funkin (Full SFM Animation) -

The Polar Express x Friday Night Funkin (Full SFM Animation)

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  1. Well the train is literally over the snow

  2. Anyone noticed how bf's eyebrows don't move.

  3. Anyone noticed there's no rails in some bits?

  4. 1225 should have done the Ohio Burnout when starting with spinning drivers, and sparks flying!!!!!

  5. After all, 1225 is a Majik Train and steam locomotive 🙄🚂 🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃!!!!!

  6. REAL 1225 is located in Owosso, Michigan, at the Original ANN ARBOR RR., Roundhouse and repair shop, owned by the STEAM RAILROAD INSTITUTE, and running regular excursions on the T.&S.B. shortline. 1225 was built in 1941 by the Lima Locomotive 🚂 Works in Ohio, with 20 locos of the N-1 Class, with the 2-8-4 wheel arrangement called "BERKSHIRE", and very popular with other railroads like the C&O, and the NKP, for pulling freight in WW2 in 1940s. 1225 pulled freight from Detroit West to Chicago like Ford products being made for war. But only until 1956 when replaced by modern diesels like EMD GP-7, and ALCO RS-3. THEN, 30,000 steamers were hauled to Scrap yards. But barely 1600 were saved by museums for excursions and a few amusement parks. 1225 was First donated to MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY IN EAST LANSING. HAPPILY IN 1971, students volunteered to repair it , and with much help from retired engineers, 1225 ran again!! And then in the 2000 era 1225 became the Hollywood movie star 🌟 🤩!!!!! Plus since 2022, Engine 1225 is receiving a significant overhaul, with even the large driving wheels removed for replacements, and new axle bearings. Thus 1225 is going to be like a new locomotive!!!!! Please Take the New Train Ride!! ALL ABOARD,!! HIGHBALL 👋,!!-! CLEAR THE TRACKS,!! NEW STEAM EXPRESS COMING THROUGH AT HIGH SPEEDS,!!-! Please watch their work on 1225 on YouTube, ok! Thanks!! Happy July 4th, 2023A.D., and Independence Day AMERICA 🇺🇸 😍 🇺🇸!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸 🙏 👏 ❤ 💙!!!!! PRAISE JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!! GLORY ALLELUIA 🙏 ❤!!!!! AMEN ✝️ 🙏 ✝️ 🙏 ✝️ 🙏!!!!!

  7. Now do Friday night funkin x galaxy express 999.

  8. conducter aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Well done animating this👍
    It gives laugh and chill

  10. i like the train going forward all the time

  11. He so funny That friend not that to a police😂😂❤🎉

  12. Here in NJ there were dozens of lines that used steam locomotives mainly on the Lackawanna in the Newark area which was also electric and Erie that ran big locomotives like Pacifics in Bergen County via the mainline that runs by Route 17

  13. @stevensolway10542 ur like the know-it-all: actually its a Baldwin 2-8-4 S3 class Berkshire steam locomotive,built in 1941 at the Lima locomotive works,it weighs 4050 lbs and its top speed is they LOOK EVERYBODY,HERPOLSHIMERS,HERPOLSHIMERS

  14. My favorite part is when daddy dearest go crazy 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  15. On the outside they are on a American train on the inside they are on a British train


  17. What the I never seen this in the Polar express movie before🗿 20:14

  18. Merry Christmas, the polar express was my childhood 😎

  19. The freaking Galaxy express It's from Anime

  20. It's funny: my grandmother was watching the polar express while I was at work and then I found this video. I like the coincidence though I do like how it changed from being sent to meeting the Youtuber himself to set up a proposal;I hope I've been invited to the wedding. 😊 Merry Christmas 🎅

  21. Same as in 2004 the polar express🤯 damn I wish I was gonna be in that movie In 2004 🫤bruh I MISSED 2004👁️👄👁️ WAAAAAAAAA I MISSED IT BUT THE POLAR EXPRESS IS CREEPY AND IS NOT MADE OF KIDS AND IS DANGEROUS

  22. Hey laxybox how are you today don’t tell Adam he love the polor express it’s awesome I’m sending you on Wednesday morning Adam and Justin are brothers it’s lit 🔥 movie 🍿 you get on train 🚂

  23. I may be nearing 21 but I feel my life is better now having watched this, especially when Nujuabes starts playing HOLY HELL what a vibe

  24. 11:15 We made it! We get 5 minutes early. We made it! crying on happy yeah…

  25. I swear this is so accurate to the Polar Express- 💀

  26. this is so goofy yet so good at the same time💀

    (im a polar express fan (fnf isnt my kind of game))

  27. This full movie about boy and girl in polar express looks so good video with happy ending

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