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Friday Night Funkin… a video game all about a child getting jiggy with it that took the world by storm a few years ago. From youtube lets play videos, to custom fnf mods, truly Friday Night Funkin was a lightning in a bottle phenomenon. However, now that a few years have passed, you would think that a game as popular as FNF would still be dominating the online space, right? Wrong! In the year of our lord 2023, it seems like Friday Night Funkin has DISAPPEARED… and in this video, we’re gonna find out why. This is The REAL REASON Friday Night Funkin DISAPPEARED



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  1. Id jst lernd that your south african youtuber wich is nice because im fairly world wide as of youtubers nice knowing that im wating an african youtuber.

  2. What I hope happens is we end up with an omori type situation, where a small thing got a kickstarter and took forever to come to fruition, so lots of mad people arose, but once the game came out the haters just stare in awe. Heres to hoping this happens and we end up with great game

  3. the best thing this game did was draw more attention to Zardy's Maze, Spooky Month and Madness Combat

  4. u think fnf is hard try fcing galxy coulpps in osu

  5. 𝘚𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘍𝘳𝘰𝘻𝘵𝘡𝘦𝘳0 says:

    As someone that never really liked fnf that much, all im gonna say is i’m really not surprised this game disappeared

    Honestly i could play ddr and have a more fulfilling experience then this game honestly. But all that stuff i could look past but then the community came in AND OH BOY did i seriously start hating anything related to this game. Im cant even gonna begin to describe the atrocities this community has done that i cant even begin to dissect anything

  6. If fnf mods werent a thing this game wouldnt be alive anymore

  7. the game helped eddsworld as well after vs tord came out eddsworld it got over way more subs then it did becaue fnf fans discoved eddsworld and it helped it out and helping it continue

  8. Yk you can watch the devs make the stuff

    So the scam theory is not true

  9. Its almost as if developing a game takes a while. Crazy to think huh?

  10. 12:21 the team is growing exponentially fyi. They mentioned it in their blogs.

  11. I wouldnt really say that its DISAPPEARED, its just unpopular the only thing that keeps fnf alive are the Mods of it

  12. Tbh it's obvious you did little to no research for this video. A lot of this information isn't even true anymore considering details that have come out by the devs.

  13. It has gotten back a bit with the new week involving Pico, Nene, and Darnell but that is still being worked on they should probably hire some people

  14. My god, 7 minutes and you still can't talk about the reasons the game doesn't have news

  15. I think this is just gonna be another yanderedev situation. Might even end the same

  16. Friday Night Funkin just sorta.. quietly disappeared, sure when you look for it, there's still content made either days ago or weeks ago, but it just never shows up in our home page like it did, either we got bored of the same cycles of drama and etc, or we just found new content to watch.

  17. I feel like with the sheer insanity that is the modding community, if week 8 happens to release in this day and age, it would be an extremely daunting task to live up to that quality and do something different. I mean, it's like everything possible in the FnF engine has and will be done. Full on games have been made in it. And people have went on to make what they promised in the kickstarter trailer a reality anyway. At this point, anything they release will never live up to the standard. It will feel disappointing regardless.

    Edit: Shit didn't see that he covered this fact in the video nvm.

  18. this is gonna be like the omori situation all over again

  19. This game is basically having the same treatment as Omori and Undertale. Let me point out that just bc game devs stay quiet, doesn’t mean that production of the games are over as a whole. Matter fact, the funkin crew haven’t actually been silent whatsoever. PhantomArcade does streams where he worked on assets for one of the future weeks (the update will have more than one week btw) and the devs even have a Funkin Blog where they posts update about their progress of the game. And Ngl I would rather have a game or update that takes years and years to make, rather than a game that was quickly released in the span of 3 days. Fun fact btw: the update was going to come out last year, but the devs thought that it could be bigger and better and have more content in it, and I respect that. In conclusion, I really don’t think that the funkin devs scammed us. We just need to be patient and just wait. Game development isn’t easy and the devs brought this numerous times.

  20. I don’t think it’s cuz of the accessibility I mean that’s kinda part of it but osu mania is the same shit

  21. A somewhat big reason why fnf is going to take some extra time
    The funkin is rebuilding the game from the grown up changing how the game works etc.

    Another reason with the time is (in the nicest way possible) the funkin crew isn't triple A devs they are indie game developers and they aren't going to rush themselves.

    And for the scam argument people say:
    It'd be pretty impossible for a very odd reason
    Imagine you are the IRS and you notice someone all of a sudden someone has 2 million dollars out of nowhere
    They WILL investigate and its gonna be nearly impossible to run with the money.

    Another reason is also:
    When the Kickstarter was done the Funkin team never expected to get to 2 million.
    If Anything they expected maybe a bit over 100k
    So now they are now just a tad bit of stress knowing how they kinda have to do all of it
    (they were going to do it either way but the funkin crew are now going to be needing to do it with the eventual update)

    And also there ARE updates about how development is going
    And it's being posted on ninjamuffins Twitter where he talks about how things are going.

    But they are actually doing something that may help with development:
    The funkin crew is now hiring other game deve who worked on FNF mods
    (Nobody knows who they hired but they have hired maybe 3 people or so)

    Also they aren't pushing themselves at full speed-
    They are taking their time and putting in proper good work.

  22. One thing I'm excited for is the impact the next fnf update will have on the modding scene, especially the remix mods like bside or dside

  23. If you are skeptical about this game— the first 'theory' which shouldn't be a theory at all is all the reason to it.

    You have to remind yourself, they are making cutscenes, animations, voice acting, music, properly key-ing the notes and even collabing with other artists along with their own unique styles.

    Also, 2 years in game dev for that scale isn't "I got a scammed" moment- sure it's long, but that's the reality of making games, and yes, I am aware that Dani can make games within just a few month, but he was doing it with minimal effort— even literally including the video that he gets assets for the things he needs.

  24. I am still waiting for FNF, and always will. It has never left my brain, but sometimes playing the game is a great refresher as to why I fell in love with it in the first place. That being said, I don't think this epic full ass game will be coming ANY time soon. I'm just hoping it won't fall into the same issue Mighty No. 9 did in regards of promising way more than they could provide.

  25. Nah do not forget about gta 6 10 hole years since gta 5 and it’s still not out and now find are getting mad for only two years bruh

  26. I don't know if you guys know this but the funkin crew actually hired more employees to develop the game and even they have a website with (i think) weekly updates of the development, and also they needed to start a corporation to launch the game, so they aren't just 4 people but still game develoment take time, at least they promised an update would come in 2023

  27. God, I am glad I am not the only one who forgot about this game. I wish the week 8 would come out sooner, to keep the community alive. The game went downhill as soon as many mod creators got into drama and shit. Fnf will forever be my favorite game tho! 💪💪

  28. I believe FNF will come out, you forgot to mention the update that one of the devs said was gon release this year. that one v slice thingy

  29. just imagine how different things would've been if they had decided to hire mod creators for the kickstarter

  30. i haven't watched much of the video yet, but i can say that i'm not the biggest fan of the game at all, but i am quite curious.. i've just been assuming that it was a kickstarter scam lol

  31. I'm actually kinda glad the game is basically dead, it honestly was overrated and there was much better rhythm games to play. And the weirdo kids that would mimic it, good riddance. The GOOD part was the mods, that is where the game shined.

  32. Jesus is near! Repent for your sins, and may a fiery judgement strike those who refuse Christ!

  33. One contributing factor was probably how oversatured the mods were, the most well-known mods like Whitty, Tricky, Mid-Fight Masses and Bob really stood out for being different but now I feel like people have gotten tired of seeing oceans of movie-length songs of pure spam and random sound effects that barely go together

  34. Bf's not missing, he's just trapped inside of eternal hellscape with seemingly no spam limits with infinitely powerful members of the bambi species, and he is going through Limbo, Aggravation, Despair, Endowment, and many other painful experiences because bambi thought he was gonna steal his corn.

  35. Ninjamuffin got the 1$ Million in Kickstarter and ran with it ☠

  36. I will say one thing, as one of the Kickstarter backers, I did indeed receive my OSTs that I paid nearly 2 years later (yea it was that long, they did apologized a ton to the folks since that happened when the vinyl shortage happened and they didn't had the products let alone the stuff for it made yet so can you blame them for taking so long?) so that's one off the list and most of the folks who did paid for the Kickstarter do indeed get updates from time to time and just recently got a free alpha build for FNF to try out too so it's not dead in the water, but I can understand that some folks are pretty upset about it just should understand that when you have high expectations and your fans make better stuff than you do, it can be a pretty damn hard task to fulfill especially with a 2.2 million dollar budget too since the devs did talk about the problem back in 2022 and said that yea, they might've pushed the bar way too high and were working their A's off just to get the product done hence why they haven't been able to openly show anything for so long (like what happened with Omocat and Omori).

    So for those who think it's a scam, now it's less likely but I can understand why you thought it was for quite sometime tho

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