The Return Of THE DARK LORD | Friday Night Funkin' Computerized Conflict -

The Return Of THE DARK LORD | Friday Night Funkin’ Computerized Conflict

Animators VS Games
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The Return Of THE DARK LORD | Friday Night Funkin’ Computerized Conflict

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  1. Maybe Joe can show up in a nightmare, like a cameo or something, it won’t even have to be important or long

    Also I’m loving the FNF content, Allen gets better every episode!!

  2. Joe is a reference to a Newgrounds series called Joe Zombie created by Rob DenBleyker.

  3. i hope in week 2, we get purple, king orange, and even Shades, Chalk, Pix, and Techo

  4. 19:50 yall nowhere close to how long it takes for me to go to sleep (couple hours)

  5. Hey, Alan! After about 25 minutes, you mentioned the fire cursor, so… –

    this can be done through different sites applications, just delve into the topic on the Internet: mouse cursors

    I think you will find what you wanted

    (sorry if something is unclear, I use a translator.)

  6. Am I the only one who actually thought this was an another episode?

  7. There's also a legacy mode but it's just the songs from the original demo. Also the reason why there was 2 chosen ones was because that song actually had the chosen one from the mod and the chosen one from ava 5 part 4 the final showdown.

  8. And it's Alan with a beard and he shaved it off

  9. Except for Krinkels/Matt jolly. He was working on both episode 11 of the Madness combat series. And Madness project Nexus 2. Which I want you guys to play since it is multiplayer.

  10. Oh my GAWD it’s the Dark Lord’s return

  11. To answer your question about night shifts the main problem is that you don't follow your natural circadian rhythm, except the whole body uses it to function properly.

  12. Thanks to this video, we now know that "TCO * 2 = Rouxls Kaard"

  13. Listen to the end of Skrunkly battle you can faintly hear smoshs "shut up"

  14. Ú̶͔N̷͕̽Ḣ̸̰I̶̦̓N̵̯̎G̴̥̈́E̶̬͗D̶̨͠ says:


  15. I thought this was actually the animator vs. animation series
    I was like: "Wait, the third episode is out already?"

  16. Honestly, if I had a choice on where Joe would go I'd put them as a character also captured by Victim in his conquest. They could put Joe as like, a secret character that Alan made before Victim and before The Chosen One, that escaped the computer and became corrupted over time from the sites and things it's seen.

  17. What if in the next ep of AvA, they manage to cross universes and its just a crazy ep of them running away from Victim through the many stickfigure verses.

  18. at 16:17 I think the two characters are both TCO (because they both have fire powers) except the one with the microphone is the better animated TCO while the one in the front is how Alan used to animate him

  19. Dj what does a bisocle hesl for in undertale

  20. I think is past chosen one and the future chosen one I guess

  21. True, imagine the dark lord somehow vaporized the lasers. That would make some great backstory that we didn’t see

  22. Why won't they ever make one about TSC when he was awakened?

  23. Love how they mostly talked about how they need sleep, and Sleep schedules and other stuff lol

  24. I knew you guys would play the new update

  25. shush everyone, TDL was killed by TSC which means he most likely is NOT coming back.

  26. Joe is a zombie by flash archives (I think I kinda forgot)

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