The Spring Of Hell [DEMO] Horror Sonic.exe | Friday Night Funkin' -

The Spring Of Hell [DEMO] Horror Sonic.exe | Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Sonic.exe The Spring Of Hell [DEMO]
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Friday Night Funkin’ The Spring Of Hell:

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  1. Cream's song instrumental sounds like it was made in minecraft music blocks ಠಿ_ಠ

  2. Твой комент увидел в суперкек ты русский

  3. why knuckles sound like an Heavy edited version of Matt's vocals?

  4. The rings make me felt like i played with some random kid settings in Funky Friday.

  5. the least powerfull sonic exe has its own mod, lmao

  6. I would like too see tails and knuckles with their triple trouble voices

  7. What mod is it called anyways I forgot

  8. Man, now I wanna see how the creator of vs sonic.exe would do Round 2.

  9. from my POV, Ryzzon is trying to get the FNF community to know that there are more sonic.exe fan games than just PC Port, for example: nightmare beginning, continued nightmare, spirits of hell and whisper of soul. These fan-games are considered to be sonic.exe survival platform fan-games, and by meaning their games’ sonic.exes are giving their victims a chance to fight back for their own amusment

  10. Some parts of the chart give me mental damage cause they look, just, SLIGHTLY OFF

  11. Hey Ryzzon I have a question that might sound idiotic but.

    Is this based of Spirits of hell actually or just this is a dumb question I'm asking for no reason.

  12. Ngl its pretty good, but I would upgrade the dubbing and the cutscene animations a bit

  13. Oh shit, Knuckles' song reminding me about Sonic Advance 3.

  14. make tails.exes vocals triple troubles/sunshine, and make creams higher pitched and sound more sad

  15. Whoever made The Spring of Hell, I think the cutscenes need more effort.

  16. Fun fact: ryzzon looks like the creator of the sonic.exe mod

  17. If your wondering why Cream is like that because in the game she had to kill Amy (Which was the reason why she was like that for her animation)
    For knuckles he was fighting sonic exe back and forth and he basically gone crazy (For detail Sonic Exe was teleporting back and forth toying with him then eventually tearing off his hand and laughing then the screen went black)

  18. looks like its based off the sonic exe spirits of hell fan games

  19. THE HELL IS THIS? THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL I AM THE MUSICIAN OF SPIRITS OF HELL BUT NOT THAT ONE AND OURS IS OFFICIAL WHIT DANUHA IN IT BRUH… Did the people at least asked danuha for it? Cuz the guy doesn't like when you do it whitout his permission.

  20. In the down pose of cream, you can see her brain

  21. I'm not sure if this is a troll mod but honestly it doesn't give that "Sonic.EXE" vibe.

  22. Knuckles: please help I am dying right now.
    BF: rap battle.

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