this is a FNF mod? it looks like a movie - Indie Cross Full Week is here -

this is a FNF mod? it looks like a movie – Indie Cross Full Week is here

Bijuu Mike
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Friday night funkin Indie Cross is here with the full Week and its insane

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  1. Ayo I think I knew about this before it got popular

  2. Day 282 of haunting bijju to play Metaware Highschool (Demo)


  3. Mike: this might be a long video
    Me who watched his whole DR series: ._.

  4. nothing will unf*ck the thanksgiving turkey says:

    you beat the weeks on normal green slime (just 1 and 2 weeks )

  5. Hey bijuu mike i really lov your videos you always make me smile i hope you see this

  6. I know why you didnt have to attack bc in the original game you have the same option to attack someone or not to thats why sans said i guessed you learned from the last time saying that players chosed to attack everyone side

  7. 2:16

    it was either food theory or game theory, but matpat made a video on the liquid in cuphead's head. I recommend you react to that video

  8. You should still check all the other things the mod has to offer! You can put mechanics off in any time by going into the pause menú and press options, there is an option to put mechanics off there!
    Really, there is a lot more of content that you can't miss!

  9. Is anyone gonna tell him he was on normal the entire time?

  10. I was confused when I play sans final stress there is no attack button or dodge Button is the Cuz there are two endings lol

  11. you can turn off the mechanics in the pause menu

  12. You should turn off the mechanics and there are a lot more songs to play

  13. Fun fact: if you attacked sans he would have put you in a box with faster blasters after the soul of chara went inside bf so you have to fight by moving your heart around for while like actual undertake 😀

  14. I am 90% sure the game saves the song you left at in the week but it only saves if you're logged in. It might only be when you quit the week but not the game

  15. day 2 of asking Bijuu Mike to continue YTTD

  16. Hi pls can you play cookie run kingdom, New update. New ancient, new epics and you missed a banner. New code/coupon. New features for production. New shroomie event and New arena event. And you've probably missed a few mail rewards. The event for new ancient gacha will end after 22 days when this comment is posted

  17. Btw the Sans week actually has different endings. If you attack Sans, the genocide cutscene will play and then you get to play a different song that isn't final stretch

  18. I was hoping for bijuu to finish the mod CUZ UH UH THE WEEK 3 ENDING CUTSCENE WAS EPIC

  19. JzBoy and everyone else have their work cut out for them. Like damn the animation is fluid and the songs are great.

  20. yes you get a diffrent song when you attack Sans and if you want to you can disable the mechanics

  21. Hey bijuu (this is unrelated), can you tell me some background music or sound effects you use, specifically the one from your talking Angela episode.

  22. Yo Mike you should really play the "Skeleton Bros" mod its really good (it also has cutscenes, smooth animations for the characters and its also hard) so you should definetely check it out

    also if u are lucky enough to beat the BF difficulty then try out the "CHARA" difficulty wich is unlocked passing the entire week

  23. That guy with the Bendy mask is Sammy Lawrence.

  24. in the cup of mugman and cuphead is milk cos then the colour of the teeth and the eyes wouldnt be there it would just be see through (kinda sus tho)

  25. Is it just me or is the game over screen in cuphead week too blurry in windowed mode

  26. The best part is when he fixes his webcam 😆

  27. try always attack sans, you will get a different song

  28. I like to think that Ink Demon's voice is Original Bendy's voice, but demonic and sinister. And kinda sounds like he just swallow some ink.
    Also, I love EVERYTING about this mod.

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