Top 10 Popular Characters in Friday Night Funkin’ #3 -

Top 10 Popular Characters in Friday Night Funkin’ #3

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Wassup, mates? Today we are presenting you the most famous skins in-game — Top 10 Popular Characters. We hope you will enjoy watching the video and you’ll find your favorite character of FNF! We used a bot to perfectly sync all recordings for this video.

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

▼ Timeline:
00:00 Intro
00:20 Friday Night Madness: Hank High Effort –
02:04 Kapi – Arcade Showdown –
04:05 Sunday Remastered –
06:35 The Blueballs Incident –
08:10 Carol V2 Remastered –
09:28 Chara –
13:36 The X Event – X!Gaster –
17:23 Annie –
18:41 Starving Artist –
20:32 Flippy –
22:49 Outro

Gameplay was recorded by Arena Closer Team.

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🎵 Outro Song:
Arp Bounce – Geographer

Thanks for watching!

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    PD: Is beautiful :3

  2. The chara mod is my favorite mod Arena closer pls more

  3. Where is tricky and mag agent torture by elirix

  4. Flippy. Phase. 4. Is. Toooooooo. Hard

  5. Nobody’s getting that many likes or comments😅

  6. De sunday y de Carol está bonita igual de Chará y de todos por que algunos no sé el nombre 😅
    Pero está bonito y hermoso 🤩

  7. Ok sunday sound like sky
    Sunday is singing madness a cover
    Sunday doesn't have a song like that

  8. Fact! The girlfriend who’s trying to get taken (not that she want’s to) Change’s clothes for certain actions

  9. P.S. Why do I feel like I’m hallucinating???

  10. i didnt know thta sunday sings like madness in tricky mod not gonna lie

  11. 4:04 wait what she is singing the song of the crazy clown 😱

  12. Tbh the Carol mod and pico mod if we add others in this mod maybe we can here what they are singing

  13. the vs sunday has the tricky phase two song on it compare sunday to tricky phase 2

  14. Flippy it's my wery favorite character

  15. Sunday and boyfriend sound the same in maddness trick its the same pattern lol

  16. Arena closer pls add more flippy and Annie

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