TORD'S REVENGE! Friday Night Funkin ONLINE vs Edd, Tord & UBERKIDS! FNF Mods 148 -

TORD’S REVENGE! Friday Night Funkin ONLINE vs Edd, Tord & UBERKIDS! FNF Mods 148

SuperDog Tyler
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Today Im back with FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Mods and play Friday Night Funkin Online vs Eddsworld Edd, Picos School UBERKIDS & Tord with Tordbot Challenge! One of the best FNF Mods I’ve played so far!! Join the SUPERSQUAD! ►

This Friday Night Funkin fnf Online vs Edd, Tord & Uberkids fnf mod is created by TheBlueHatted

Play the FNF Uberkids Online Tord Eddsworld FNF mod here! ►

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  1. Pls play pet simulator x with snowy fox pt.2 or pt.3

  2. I’m so glad that Tyler is someone who knows most of the Eddsworld characters and lore and isn’t just like “WHO IS THAT IS THAT FROM THE SHOW ISTELF?!”


  4. And the Uber kid mod that you're playing is so cool

  5. AND THE EDD MOD IS VERY NICE 👌 👍 😀 🙂 😊 ☺

  6. 🤯🙀😃😀😃😀😁😆🥴😏😎🤓😸😺😼😻🙀

  7. Edd is always happy but,with eduardo its over with smiles

  8. Lol it was so funny when uberkid got bonk by a bus😭😂

  9. Aaaaahhhhh!!!!! Pico!!!!!

  10. did someone recognize that tom is facing whoever is singing

  11. Bruh fiiiiiiiiiiinaly tyler is playing it

  12. I love how people still get excited with like 9-11 misses.. When usually everybody else gets 0 😐 LMAO

  13. im back checken tyler for all these years im gonna check tyler new vids😇

  14. Bro dude funky stuff 🤣 you can do it when you're here and it's ok

  15. It’s a good mod and all but I wish Tord actually won for once unlike the end

  16. EDUARDO!! Me: he’s not too bad except in power edd but he’s not too bad of a guy cmon

  17. Hey super dog Tyler I like your videos IFriday night Funkin every day but I use my Mommy computer to play but I keep losing

  18. Tord shows up in robot and Tom harpoons it and some how destroyed it

  19. I didn't know you knew that show for years now! (Second song but the show)

  20. Edds song sounds like lucky the rabbits song

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