Triple Trouble but Cuphead | Friday Night Funkin Sonic.exe -

Triple Trouble but Cuphead | Friday Night Funkin Sonic.exe

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Mugman.exe
1:49 – Cuphead.exe
2:15 – MsChalice.exe
4:01 – Cuphead.exe
4:53 – The Devil.exe
6:49 – Cuphead.exe

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  1. I don't know why cuphead always points his finger.

  2. Watch the official superdoggo for some real content

  3. cool fun fact's: devil isnt dead in the creepypasta's ending and chalice and mugman are on cupheads side willingly

  4. I remember the mugman creepypasta as soon as I saw him it gave me nostalgia

  5. Mrs chalice does look alive and not really dead but Mugman and The Devil ARE FUCKED

  6. Did Not Expect The Devil To Not Be Sonic.exe He's Really The Only Demon In Cuphead… other Than The Demon In The Secret Boss But That's Just A Nightmare By Cuphead

  7. ok if the devil is dead who will replace him in charge in hell?

  8. The next video should be how they turned into nightmare fuel

  9. i love how mschalice is the only one alive

  10. I mean the cuphead as xenophans kinda makes since Cuphead has a nightmare form in indie cross not to mention he is stronger then the devil plus the devil can be killed in the cuphead world and he is basically eggman for cuphead which is why he replaced eggman.exe.

  11. Four-way Fracture
    "Lets hope this time we can get this band back together again"

  12. Thought that devil gonna be the xenophanes and used the bad ending form
    Evil Chalice = Tails
    Evil Mugman = Knuckle
    Evil Cuphead = Eggman
    And I know 2 people that can be in four-way fracture

  13. i thought that the devil part would be chef saltbaker

  14. Lyric for Cuphead : drowning drowning pouting pouting

  15. The Knight with a bad pic, totally not Nosk says:

    Botplay exists dude

  16. Cara manda o link para baixar o jogo por que para mim ta com problemas pf manda o link do jogo não do mod

  17. the only thing that ruins the video is your skills bro. sorry ;-;

  18. i love the cast!

    So in Four Way Fracture King Dice or Elder Kettle could be Majin

  19. Ah yeah, the second I saw mugman, I recognised the cuphead black skull creepypasta. I’m not the only one who remembers that right?

  20. The remix slaps, the models are great, but that miss count…

  21. What I find impressive about Ms chalice is that she is still human but slowly getting overtaken by evilness

  22. Cuphead:I'm tired of not being able to hurt you so let's try hurting you FOR real now.

  23. Te amo mi amor ya me parece bien 😁 hola buen día compañero muy completa xddd hola compañera atraves hola buen 22T1A Nombre de la carrera Logo de los dos grupos sociales y participaciones miltiton

  24. The devil and cuphead should switch places in my opinion. I like that mugman and ms chalice finally make an appearence tho

  25. Missed oppurtunity to use Elder Kettle instead of The Devil

  26. I am going to make a full week of the Cuphead.exe mod lol.

  27. I love how simple Cupheads design is, while still being scary

  28. now waiting for four way fracture but majin is elder ketal

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