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Turn-Bass – BPM Song (Friday Night Funkin, Parappa the Rapper, Scratchin’ Melodii)

Mike Geno
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bbpanzu made an animation of these guys playing uno on twitter some time ago and I decided to make a song based off of it!
Original tweet:

Thumbnail artist: vanilla_draws22 (instagram)

Background artist: @sakaruchibi12 (twitter)

Melodii: Pick up a card and place it down
Parappa: Pick up a card and place it down!
Melodii: Then watch our turns go round and round
Parappa: Then watch our turns go clockwise round!
Melodii: Its pretty easy don’t you see
Parappa: I really like this funky beat!
Melodii: Come one and have some fun with me
Parappa: Ok Melodii!
Parappa: Hey, rapping’s really easy once you get the basic rhythm, like 2 and 2 together, its like a funky algorithm
Melodii: The game won’t stop until somebody will win, so let’s see which one of use will make it to the end!
Parappa: Numbers, colors, add, and switch, there’s lots of cards, try not to flinch
Melodii: Red, yellow, blue, and green, don’t panic if you’re in a pinch
Parappa: Why panic if I’m gonna win, just one more card and I’m out the door
Melodii: Before you go, have one more card! It’s a plus 4
Parappa: Now this means war!
Melodii: Can’t find a match, so I’ll grab another
Parappa: Oh take you’re time, its not a bother
Melodii: Don’t try me dawg, I’ll take you down!
Parappa: Don’t threaten me, I’ll end this now!
Melodii: Have 2
Parappa: Take 4
Melodii: Take 6
Parappa: Have 8
Melodii: Keep going don’t make me wait!
Parappa: You’re late!
Melodii: I’ll make you lose
Parappa: I’ll be on top
Melodii & Parappa: I’ll keep on going t’ill you drop!

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  1. This is really cool and creative but…….
    2:15 was that a few notes to megalovania and the among us theme 💀

  2. Man, I hate Scratchin' Melodii. That game is so unrealistic.

  3. If someone makes a lyric cover of this BF needs to keep his beeps

  4. I like the idea of the song being called Turn Bass because of the turn-based aspect of Friday Night Funkin’, Parappa the Rapper, and Scratchin’ Melodii.
    I also like that their group name is BPM for “Boyfriend, Parappa, Melodii” or “beats per minute”.

  5. BPM means (B)eats (P)er (M)inutebut also (B)oyfriend (P)arappa (M)eloddi

  6. Bros fr a legend for buying vocaloid just to do melodiis voice

  7. I would love to see a chart where every character plays under the rules of his game

  8. they will make great characters in a “pasta night” cover

  9. one day I will see a song like this where the Uno rap turns it into funky FNF beats by using a "Reverse!" card + a recordscratch effect to swap turns

    is it legitimately Unolike? no, but having played mostly ridiculous uno with incredibly silly rules, I would love it. but until then, i love this one as my favorite Uno song

  10. Is it me or does BF sound like he’s singing Megalonvania at the end?

  11. This is the first fnf song I will ever put on my playlist

  12. 1:20 is it just me who hears the start of among us drip at this part?

  13. Parappa and melodii singing together is just amazing

  14. Anybody gonna talk about the autism creature being on parappas hat at the last frame?

  15. Now wait for one of those with lyrics YouTubers to voice bf and it will be complete

  16. This makes me really want to see these three in a game together, cuz honestly this is super catching

  17. I love how many animations there are and its cool and cute i also love the voices

  18. I love this song💖, so great to have the triple threat rappers rapping and playing uno🤩, and bf can rap with words thanks to week 3 😁

  19. Is no one gonna talk about the +4 amongus card?

  20. Bro 5/10 mins after my amongus comment I found the Yippeeee thing

  21. Therapist: Anya Melodii doesn’t exist she can’t kill you
    Anya Melodii 1:57

  22. 19 year old rapping prodigy gets taught to play family favorite card game Uno, by a prepubescent child and a talking dog before promptly absolutely destroying them

  23. Parappa and melodii are like those tryhards who still lose and bf is like those regular players who somehow win

  24. Is it me or does the song sound almost like crossed out.

  25. So your saying… They have been sitting there for a minute with 3 cards and realized they can just check the box for instructions….

  26. Why does Melodii sound a little bit older in this rap? She sounds like a 12-year-old now.

  27. Is bpm meant to stand for beat per minute, or boyfriend, Parrapa, (and) Melodii?

  28. someone make this mod, and make it a remake of “pasta-night” from hypnos lullaby

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