Twinsomnia WITH LYRICS By RecD - Friday Night Funkin' THE MUSICAL -

Twinsomnia WITH LYRICS By RecD – Friday Night Funkin’ THE MUSICAL

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FNF Musical travels back to 1999 for Twinsomnia WITH LYRICS as Boyfriend’s past with Boy, Girl and the Lemon Monster is revealed. This is our special “Epsiode Zero” and predates all other episodes of FNF Musical timeline-wise!

As many of you surely know, we’ve been attempting to finish Tabi WITH LYRICS for a very, VERY long time. While we are unable at this time to get the legal go-ahead to finish & release it, this 20-minute long passion project half a year in the making is sure to fill the FNF Musical-Shaped hole in your hearts with incessant beeping and dumb jokes.

Written, Performed, Arranged, Directed & Edited by RecD
Skid, Pump, Boyfriend, Pico, Boy & Lemon Monster voiced by RecD
Boyfriend Beeped by KawaiSprite
Lila voiced by MLoreley:
Girl voiced by Benini:
Girl sung by Grace Hartman:
Darnell voiced by Jakeneutron:
Nene Voiced By Moop:
Incidental Music based on Twinsomnia arranged by RecD
Twinsomnia Characters, Mod, Music, BF & Pico Crew design by Sock.Clip:
Biposi Gardener:
Kermo Giovanna:
Thumbnail by MugiMikey:
Produced by Avantika Mishra
First 3 songs’ Gameplay by Flippy:
FNF Owned by NinjaMuffin99, Kawai Sprite, PhantomArcade and Evilsk8r
Skid, Pump & Lila owned by Sr Pelo:
Eddsworld characters owned by Eddsworld:
Wit owned by everyone
Funk E. Cheese is right behind you


  1. hey rec d can you release the full imposter v4 mod pinky promise by a couple days

  2. Isabelle chan s. Brother Charles chan 😊😊

  3. Anyone noticed the gear 5 luffy bounty poster in the back ground 19:34 pause there.

  4. Wait lemon demon's lyrics are the same in another lyric video

  5. I like all of it but boogyman was the best song

  6. Young pico cares about boyfriend and his origins

  7. Hehe, perfect, your Lemon voice is the same one you did with Juno! 😀

  8. This was all super soothing to listen to! And the voice actor for Girl did so amazingly well! Great lyric video as always!
    (4:38 was honestly my favorite throughout her song!)

  9. I had no idea this was gonna happen, but I just wanna say tysm for making a video on one of my favorite mods. Everyone's voices sound really accurate 🥰

  10. I like that boy and girl helped people from the past and how they grew up in the future

  11. I like it! It's like a prequel to the entire Friday Night Funkin' The Musical Series

  12. I like the little eddsworld easter egg about how he was inspired to make a giant robot! Not a lot of people notice that!

  13. We need to see Skid and Pump save Wahoo now

  14. _Анечка-тян принцесса фнф_ says:

    my childhood be like:

  15. Some of the cutscenes were a bit weird, but hot damm this was awesome. The lyrics fit perfectly, the references were so good and could be spotted instantly, Boy and Girl's accents were spot the heck on, and the Bf can't stop beeping plot line was a really nice detail. Best "with lyrics" you've done so far, fireemoji fireemoji fireemoji

  16. Black men vs blue hair kid
    Who would win??

  17. When baby bf the sitting at the tv he looks cute don't you agree

  18. I really thought that Tabi would be here but NOPE

  19. RecD is literly the only reason this fandom isnt dead yet i swaer

  20. Oh boy monster dont want you that one next time young bf is corrupted by girl and boy again…..

  21. If this happened before Girlfriend and Daddy taught him how to see the notes, then how did he…. ahhh, never mind. Curse that Memory Mallet.
    Its like he saw the comments bringing up that plothole.

  22. were yall there for the OG RecD lyrics for boogieman?

    I mean I was ✋

  23. Incredible job Recd! You nailed this one. All the songs are really good, especially roughhouse, and powerhour.

  24. I love the concept that they helped all these characters as kids

  25. Did this man really make a new lyric video that’s 20 minutes, make it a prequel to everything, reference the eddsworld zombeh episodes, and give a canon explanation to why Tord likes robots so much??

  26. So according to this lore, Lemon Demon was the reason BF only ever BEEPED while around other people?

  27. “Nor will you touch the child”
    Sr pelo reference?

  28. Imaging he make fnf corruption mod from phantomfear with lyrics😂but no seriously after the mod is finish you need to make the them with lyrics the songs are a banger

  29. I have never listened to twinsomnia before and when I saw you were gonna do a with lyrics I decided to hold on a bit longer and waiting for this was definitely worth it, talented work as always!

  30. THE GEAR 5 POSTER IN THE BACKGROUND OMG W 11:33 for time stamp ^^

  31. Finally I've been waiting for this!!😁😁😁

  32. Hope you enjoyed EPISODE ZERO of Friday Night Funkin' THE MUSICAL! AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS song hopefully coming NEXT WEEK!!! If you REALLY loved the video, please consider leaving a Super Thanks or Super Chat to support the remaining episodes as producing FNF Musical at this quality bar is extremely expensive (This video cost around $2,000 to make) & they don't get nearly as many views as they used to to make back their budgets.

    (And yes, Tabi is still coming out as soon as I'm legally allowed to drop it. I promise I will not let it go unreleased. It's vital to the ongoing story of the show & we spent $2,000 on that one too ;-;)

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