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Undertale Last Breath SANS! | Friday Night Funkin’

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Undertale Last Breath SANS! | Friday Night Funkin’

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  1. Alan is doing it somewhat legit compared to me with no mods and struggling in easy

  2. alan can you pls try out indie cross

  3. You should definitely check out a beautiful day outside

  4. The word "Gay" is not a word that needs censorship

  5. When you are done with deltarune, do genocide either of undertale, or deltarune. Look up how to do each one, they are more complicated than you think they are 🙂.

  6. this is stupid. they should've just played the actual game instead of a friday night funkin mod

  7. for the fact that there are other mods that are much more aggressive with notes that damage you, I'd say this is just the beginning of what people can do with hurt notes that will ruin your confidence lol (e.g., Vs Tricky, Retrospecter, Dusttale, etc…)

  8. relax alan and DJ sans is not as strong in undertale trust me

  9. This is… quite spoilery, even if it's only covering a fangame…

  10. Undertale Last breath is an actual undertale fangame with its own custom soundtrack and a few interesting things not found in undertale…

  11. Incredible how you guys complete every mod without cheating whatsoever in any shape way for form. wink wink winkity wink wink wink blink

  12. Gaster (The spoopy guy in back of sans):
    "Remember son, Dieing is gay!"
    Sans: "Yes father"
    A classic in undertale fangame memes…

  13. Song names in order:
    1.Not a slacker anymore
    2.The slaughter continues
    3.Enigmatic encounter
    4.Remember son, dieing is gay Undertale last breath meme
    I have no idea what no.5 is… it's unholy and should be cast into the abyss

  14. If stickman vs undertake comes out i am getting all my alts to sub

  15. You sadly fell into a trap that has fake sans. He is not sans. Its a mod of him!


  17. The guy in the background is Gaster and he is San's and Papyrus's "father"

    He sort of haunts them and controls them in bad situations, he also tells them Dying is for losers

  18. When will you post a video on your other channel ?l

  19. This mod looks really cool I wanna know what happens when someone successfully hits all notes

  20. If you do wind up doing the Undertale Genocide run, you will be offered a choice near the end. If you choose "do not," something interesting will happen.

  21. Instead of playing mods inspired by certain games or series (which may or not contain spoilers), might I suggest you play some mods that are their own thing? (ex: vs Garcello, vs Tabi Ex-boyfriend, vs Sunday or even the Entity demo mod. There's even a stickman mod by JZBoy which I'm sure you'll like)

  22. think about friendship alan but dont cheat with it

  23. I wanna see you guys play five nights at Freddy’s

  24. The person behind sans in your "game play" is named gaster

  25. Hey! have another mod make by IGUHz, is the vs groog, is a really good mod.

  26. You really should try "Friday night funkin indie cross" it's a demo of a big project.. And so far the three demo songs are amazing.
    And yeah one of the songs has sans

  27. #Spoiler alert I dont think they should do it because once you do the genecide ending you will never get a good ending ever

  28. the first song isnt meglovania its not a slacker any more

  29. Alan: dies

    Them both: :0


  30. r you censoring smth in this video or it just part of the game

  31. “I don’t want to play the genecide route”
    Then don’t. Don’t do it because you’re curious or peer pressure.

    Êßçæp įt

  32. You should play the real undertale last breath aswell

  33. I like the way alan becker and DJ dont want any violence PEACE

  34. You could play the original Last Breath game, but it is getting a remake

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