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“VS Doors” Friday Night Funkin 360° (Minecraft Animation)

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Friday Night Funkin 360° Minecraft Animation Vs Rush 4K Video

Mod Used:
Vs. Rush: A 1up Cartoon’s Doors Song

Director and Charter

Musician and Original Mod Concept
(1up cartoons)



Rush Chromatic Scale and Animation help


Minecraft Animation Program : Mine-Imator
Download Mine-Imator :

Minecraft Doors Map by

😁Thank you for Watching My Video


  1. Hey laxybox how are you buddy I’mSending you he love ❤️ mincift fnf bro I’m sending you on Monday morning

  2. Didn’t anyone realise that in the 2nd part where your in a hall you can see seek behind BF chasing him?

  3. 0:26 ight bro make something funny there is a human tearing beast and a rapper fail this and the face will mawl you and the rapper will roast you to death

  4. I literally saw a video inside another video, AMAZING :O

  5. high quality animation. finally no more youtube kids stuff

  6. Boyfriend looks so cute on the thumbnailIn minecraft version😍😍😍😍😍

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