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VS Imposter V4 – (Henry Stickmin Week) [Friday Night Funkin’ Mod]

Cval – ya brown?
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  1. 2:53 Nah,you know what? This requires a Bold Action Man
    I ammmm the Bold Action Mannnnnn!
    This is the greatesttttttt plannnnnnn!

  2. Armed could have been better if rhm was in Reginalds right cuz in the game he always is in his right

  3. Question. In the Charles song, why clouds aren't moving??

  4. Hey,i used your gameplay for a video,but i leave the credits in the description and the commentary 🙂

  5. Intersloth is probably the company that has the most connection and care about the fans of their games

  6. anyone notice charles death icon is the Valiant Hero ending?

  7. its great to see charles back, since, you know what happened.

  8. The fact that Puffballs actual voices Henry Stickman is insane

  9. Can't wait for the cringe hololive cover animation of Greatest Plan

  10. As a stickman this week is the most based in the mod

  11. as a long time Henry Stickmin fan, I heavily approve of this week

  12. Ok while capital gains could work it doesn't make sense because that is a train timeline meaning Henry shouldn't be walking around the jungle base AT ALL and we know this doesn't take place after the event because rhm reborn and Reginald are here and not in space plus rhm reborn is still functioning so when ever this takes place it's during the initial launch of the toppats base

    Not to mention that in capital gains Henry and Ellie take the money cart and go in the opposite direction meaning that they would have to grab the money cart kill rhm fly off to get the money go to whatever bank is around and then get called all the way back to the base to arrest the toppats

    Not to mention that whatever variation of the plot we are working with Henry is working with Charles and presumably the government enough to have a direct hotline to Charles and as we know Henry in capital gains is more just money focused

    Also if this was capital gains they probably wouldn't let known felon Ellie rose on the back of a government chopper without supervison

    So in my fundamental opinion given all that I believe whatever varied history this is supposed to be is a triple threat timeline with the only continuity errors being rhm reborn and Reginald being a part of these events

  13. CHARLES! ❤ MA BOI! wish there was more with him though…😢

  14. I like how copper bottom has gun instead a golden one

  15. why am i so stupid i just realised that polis problems starts after they teleport to polus because thats when bf starts singing to gf then red comes

  16. I just noticed that Henry sounds likę cg5

  17. nah they did charles garbarge with the losing icon

  18. Plot twist: it was the revenged ending instead and the airship was crashing into them

  19. Okay, but the voices are so nice, like they sound really unique and cool :')

  20. I have a feeling that the route this is happening in is government supported private investigator because henry is on good terms with Charles, and Charles isn't dead yet, luckily

  21. This mod is so fire because the third song was amazing and beat and tunes was great. 🙂👍

  22. why the heck is pretender and greatest plan and finale is the only good songs for me

  23. I think the week has a good storyline
    So Henry finds a wierd blue haired dwarf who wants to rap
    Then he calls up charles and tells him to bring in Ellie to help him
    Then she drops in
    Then Reginald copperbottom and RHM find them

  24. “I can only draw stick people,I’m bad at drawing.”

    the drawing

  25. uhhh… hey white… please don’t kill me

  26. I made a connection

    Triple trouble : Triple threat

    Maroon : Ellie
    Fierce with loads of confidence, and firey personalities.

    Gray : Henry
    Good guys by default, but can be influenced into being evil, I guess you can say they're "morally gray".

    Pink : Charles
    Adorable cinnamon rolls that are just pure of heart.

  27. Fun fact this doesn’t take place during any of the routes in the Henry Stickmin collection because Henry is friends with Charles and Ellie Reggie is the top hat leader and Right Hand Man is the robot

  28. I believe that yellow is the first opponent to bf not red because after armed is over we get to see bf and gf teleported to polus ( sorry for my spelling) it's looks similar to red week

  29. Bruh i found a fanart of black and Henry stickman play basketball and it's a good artwork

  30. When Charles says Hey Henry i said YES this is our bold action man Charles 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  31. I hated the part if you use Charles in space 😔😔😔😔

  32. It’s hilarious how Charles’ defeat icon is a tombstone💀

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