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Vs NEW Faker – Exemerge DEMO Full Week | Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ Exemerge Demo mod showcase!
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Exemerge Timestamps:
00:00 – Preview
00:04 – Intro
00:13 – Menu
00:17 – Faker Remastered
01:32 – Faker sees you
02:11 – newTransformation
02:30 – Black-sun Remastered
04:07 – EXEPhase 2
05:24 – Red
06:04 – Epic Final
07:01 – Outro

Coding, chart, animation by TabiFan117
Arts by Rust & Guts
Black-sun song remastered by Neutroa and Strum
Faker song remastered (unfinished) by Morgue
Original Arts by Divide
Original Faker by MarStarBro/Uptaunt
OG Black-Sun by Jamangar
EXE/Faker Char by Revie

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

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  1. The representation in this mod is just incredible. The artstyle, the mechanics, even little details like Amy being there…

    Not to mention EXE's icon moving along the arrows and the timer going crazy. Everything plus how the mod portraits EXE with perspective and movements makes it the best representation of Revie's creation so far. (Well maybe the meme at the end was unnecessary)

    If I would not be surprised if this mod gets saturated with bonus (and unrelated) content when it's finished, but at least the main week is awesome in its current state.

  2. Try to put everything in the video at 1,25 speed, it's worth it.

  3. this makes almost every other exe characters look like normal sonic characters compared to this faker. BRO LITERALLY IS ABSORBING THE BLACK SUN

    I can't be the only one who heard "you get no bitches" at 6:58

  4. Blacksun is literally a BANGER music.
    I love how they add a little easter egg of Manual Blast when they added that animation which they turned Exe red (Manual Blast but as Exe)

  5. I also like once EXE starts singing it's practically non stop

  6. i wish they made faker bf tall but overall an amazing mod, the artstyle is pretty cool, the mechanics cool and the time bar glitching our is very cool, and i like how EXE's icon is moving with the arrows at the start and at the 3rd phase is pretty cool, the 3rd phase was legit cool, EXE glitching out, The timer bar glitching and glitchy arrows that if you press it you'll get jumpscared but i wonder wheres faker gf? like i can only see EXE and faker bf in a platform but wheres faker gf??? did she fall into the spikes below or just at the back of faker bf? very confusing

  7. Faker's sprites look like shit and BF's voice (in faker, black-sun is fine) literally hurts to hear. They didn't need that much shading, and the pitch bending was so extra. The Faker sprites has too much emotion, which is something that the original Faker lacked. Purposefully at that, the lack of emotion really complimented the unsettling part of Faker. Black-Sun is good asf, though.

  8. 3rd phase is AMAZING 🤩 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 (Who am I kidding the whole song is!!!!)

  9. Nice little reference with the red screen

  10. all of it is good, except the faker part. i prefer the old encore, with the glitch near the end

  11. Am I the only one that realizes that EXE’s faker form uses the Sega Genesis S1 Color Palette?

  12. Story: Once Faker was abandoned and replaced By hog, around i think Augest 2202 or something, he was brought back to the spotlight. Once he was brough back to the spotlight, Faker realises that the last person he basicilly has seen was BF and GF. So once Faker knew about that he would do anything he can to get them back here. and now that BF and GF stumbled around his terratory again, it was his time to strike back. Knowing that they remember Him.

  13. 2:30 it really looks like as if EXE was trying to take control of the icons

  14. Now we gotta wonder if there'll be a remix of godspeed.

  15. he returns, he returns with spectacular form

  16. Man I gotta say this remastered looks cool, I like how EXE’s icon moves when EXE hits first then last in black-sun also that 3rd phase looks amazing.

  17. Do you see that faker icon moves according with the notes in Black Sun?

  18. IDK what my problem is, but EXE gf is kinda cuter here….

  19. This feels so official from the vs sonic exe team.

  20. I just noticed that all your arrows are green

  21. It's apparently a rule now that any angle where boyfriend is not facing his side, whatever other angle he is on he is flipping off his opponent.

  22. Faker remastered is cool as all hell girl 100/100.


  24. 3:51 bro did NOT just casually slide the goofy ahh laugh in there, ain’t no way

  25. I am not sure if in the background you can see the black sun of the 1.5 phase and final phase like being sucked into the planet or faker is adoring the sun for its power

  26. Huh, anyone noticed how Faker is looking at us? XD

  27. Faker started his day, finally.
    He was finally able to climb out that darkness, which he didn't know why he was left in there.
    He saw a blue haired child. Ah yes, the old foe of him.
    He remembered last time he sang with the child and eventually lost to him. He wasn't upset at all. It's not like he could often find someone so interesting that he won't instantly murder.
    He faced the child, just like the good old times. In fact, he added some extra rythm in his song due to the interest.
    However, in the middle of the song, Faker noticed something…the real world.
    He was enraged, finding the real instigator who made him stuck in the deep cold abyss.
    But he didn't want to ruin this part of the song. Instead of raging immediately, he acted normal with his eyes filled with red hatred.
    Soon, the song "Faker" had ended. He, as usual, transformed into his fierce form. But this time, he stared at YOU… (And didn't forget to scare the blue boy)
    EXE was out, finally able to spread the chaos again.
    The excitement was even shown on the Icon of him, moving in the same position as himself.
    Then he suddenly calmed down, just before he got dazed with joy. He had something important to do.
    After pretending like he was enjoying again (His icon moved), he waited the boy to do his short solo, then turned even more fierce.
    But then he found that this was far from enough. The song was almost at its end, while he still hadn't done anything meaningful.
    So he refused to end this.
    After the part that was expected to be the end, he kept singing, forcing the song to continue.
    His rampage was unstoppable, turning himself into a demon with tentacles popping out from his mouth, arms splitting, and eyes becoming red.
    Not long after that, the whole world turned into pure red. Made of his anger, his madness, his bloodlust.
    He almost lost control, but then saw the frightened boy who was still standing against him. He wouldn't allow to end like this, not being so unfair to the boy. Then he changed the world back to the old looks.
    He let the blue boy rest a little, for the final stage.
    He stood there, in front of the covered sun, facing the boy and YOU at the same time.
    This was his time, his world, his realm.
    He danced in the shadow, unleashing his full power.
    His Icon was demented, and the timer above was being influenced by his power, recording random time.
    The glitchy pixels around him represented that he had control of all, including time and space.
    He was using his full strength to respect the enemy who was always standing, and to do his best to yell his fury at the real world.
    "I was there in the deep, but now I'm back again. I will never forgive those who toss me into the darkness, but what should I do?
    He was fallen. He was hated. But most importantly, he is the EXE that we all love.

  28. Everyone talking about Exe or "Faker", but holy gf

  29. This day has finally came, after all photoshopped images and drama twitter had forgiven faker but although, revie left fnf community but some moderators of mods actually give love to the creation of faker and then revive it has "EXEmerge."

  30. 1:14 EXE: Let’s just sing a song today. Now let’s get ready for this fight. The good memories. I’ll see if you are capable tonight.

  31. Yet another day of being very grateful that I am not a sonic character

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