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Vs Oswald D sides full week (Regretful Ending) – Wednesday infidelity D-sides

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fanmade of how oswald would be from d sides a whole week, I made the sprites, I know it’s not the best, in fact, the chart leaves a lot to be desired, especially hellhole, charting stresses me out a lot, the parts that don’t synchronize so well it’s because I overlooked it and didn’t adjust it, well this mod is thanks to a concept that I saw about wistfulness d sides, at first, I was only going to do wistfulness, and dejection, and in untold loneliness with dodge notes, you know, as accelerant hank, well then I decided to do last day, hellhole and vesania, well as I said I’m not an expert in this kind of thing, but I did what I could, don’t complain this is just a fanmade nor is it official, clearly the official I would leave this mod very short, the mod is somewhat incomplete, as you could see in some parts of the video, it is necessary to fix background sprites and charts, but if you want a link you can request it and I could upload a playable part

Link Mod :

Mi server de Discord:

Despair (Wistfulness D-sides) By:
@Nightmare Nero

Despondency (Dejection D-sides) By:
@Adam McHummus

Untold Loneliness (Unknown Suffering D-sides) By:

Uselessness (Last Day D-sides) By:

eternal-abyss (Hellhole D-sides) By:
@Reaper (fnf)

W.I v2 pysch engine port:

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  1. This is tremendous! The song remixes are really good, and I never expected Oswald to play the banjo in Misery. This is some really great work that I’m sure you put a lot of effort into. My only issue was the charting. Have someone chart all the songs and that might be it. Other than the issue with the charting, this has so much potential put onto it, and I love to see where this goes next.

  2. La verdad bro a pesar de todo, es increíble el trabajo que hicistes y la verdad me encantó el tiempo que le dedicaste a este fanmade , la verdad te mereces el apoyo de todo el mundo por este fanmade

  3. (i swear i made a comment earlier and i dont know where it went so I'm retyping it)

    i like this, i like this a lot, but there is room for improvement, or room for nitpicks but who knows maybe you will find them useful (ignoring charting for obvious reasons)

    Uselessness: his missing eye doesn't look missing unless you know in advance that its missing, it needs more blood oozing out or a better display of depth in the eye socket to sell it, i would personally have him press the gun against his forehead, it better shows desperation and its different then how he holds the gun in untold loneliness, and most importantly, his expression doesn't feel intense enough, and in his animations he looks almost indifferent, and for a song that ends with him finally managing to do what he's been struggling to accomplish for so long, i think it needs some adjustments

    Eternal Abyss: multiple options for this, mostly about his transformations, his first transformation should be the one with his eye shot out, and the second one has a few options that can be mixed and matched-
    the blood from his eye turns red
    he shoots out his second eye
    he gets two revolvers
    he pulls out a Thompson

    and as a nit pick i always imagined the d-side devil as being more fat then muscular, a bit like Pete

    what's here is great and i cant deny that, but i can imagine it being much better, i like your work and i want it to be the best it can be, good luck out there

  4. Suscrito simplemente por esta obra de arte

  5. secreta histories tails :D(soy piba xD) says:

    fácilmente serías director del mod si vieran el fangame

  6. Faltó que pusieras el song de versículus iratus pero de hay lo de más que insistes esta re good me gustó mucho este mod 10/10 👌🧐🤙

  7. Did you guys know that Oswald is the lucky rabbit meaning that no matter how hard he tries he can't die. That's why we see him survive 2 bullets in the mod, because his luck is preventing him from dieing. First time in untold loneliness and second time in leak mah balls.

  8. What about an integrated ending? Where it's good ending but Oswald?

  9. I feel like the charting should really use work in the first song cause it looks so kinda overrated

  10. despondency is sound like sdamos (Jeff the kill)

  11. i thought he would lose both eyes also no hellhole new sprites make us sad

  12. … why is this the mickey mouse 2.5 mod replaced with OSWALD

  13. In the end we all die I should I even try gun in hand my life shall SUFFERING WITH MY OWN FRIEND

  14. no good ending cuz oswald dont have a girl friend

  15. This is great, but D-side satan (watan) doesn't want him so he won't let him die.

  16. Usesenness-reference to Discharge

  17. Awasome Full week of osvald!

  18. ☕💞Cuphead y Mickey mouse test deFnfEditsYmas says:

    me gusta la song despair me gusta me agrada muy agradable esa song sinduda es mi favorita! 😀

  19. If I played this mod and I failed I know it would reset all my progress so I get really angry so technically me plus fail make me mad it is a fact

  20. 7:18 I really like the refrence to strength of will
    I'm not sure if it's a refrence or not but it's still really good

  21. ☕💞Cuphead y Mickey mouse test deFnfEditsYmas says:

    quiero un hour 1 la song de despair es que me encanta mucho la song no puedo dejar de repetir el video

  22. Oswald has he's old voice in hellhole (d-sides) lol

  23. not wanting to ruin the party, but Oswald is technically immortal as a result of his luck. in other words at most he could only die of natural causes

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