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VS PINKIE PIE IS BACK… with DISCORD??! | Friday Night Funkin’ [FUNKIN’ IS MAGIC]

Forever Nenaa
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Friday Night Funkin FUNKIN’ IS MAGIC Gameplay

Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to HURT you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
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  1. I forgot litterly every thing in my little ponies

  2. Hey nenna theres a new episode from stickman minecraft! Go watch it

  3. If I played that mod I would lose its so fast

  4. Nenna you missed one click trixxy the blue pony she will turn you into a pony at the main title and a different ending

  5. It's like there voices are like from the Episode

  6. Smile hd is a good reference but i higly recomend not searching the original animation

    Guerrila gal is a reference to
    "How applejack won the war" another animation
    Tankman is judt a extra qdd to the song

  7. Bro when are you picking up I am 🙂 I was like so freaking elbow I was okay I was so scared to say the music because I literally VoiceOver a singer singer or a stop to this baby is it goes very well I like stop smiling forever though I am on my playlist go to my house

  8. Try Mid Fight Masses Deluxe Edition mod❤️

  9. What the heck why would that Pony sings that that's Twilight Sparkle

  10. The original smile song from season2 is nothing like that fanmade smile HD you should check it out

  11. who recognized the main menu screen on vs pinkie? ☠️☠️☠️

  12. Everyone spam react to the backrooms level run for your life

  13. Discord is in this mod and they don't play the Discord song? Totally missed opritunity.

  14. Hello Neena, I recommend you the 2.0 update of Ben Drowned: Mic Of The Time. It has a lot of songs and some mechanics too. I hope you read my comment and keep doing this amazing content 😄.

  15. Haha oh my gosh!!! The dialogue in this mod is so hilarious 😂
    Thanks for playing it and sharing it with us! I really like how you did Girlfriend’s exited fangirl voice haha

  16. Neena buen video btw, me gustó mucho, pero más me gustaría que pruebes el mod de tf 2 de fnf ya que es un mod infravalorado estaría copado que lo juegues <3 un abrazo y saludos

  17. I have a recommended mod! Golden Apple 1.2 it has TONS of songs with new sprites and stuff

  18. Rairty sounds like mommy long legs poppy play time chapter 2

  19. The one in pink is diamond tiara the one in the gray is silver spoon the one in the orange with purple hair that scootaloo The one in the yellow skin is Apple Bloom and the one with the white skin is sweetie Belle

  20. Also the things that the ponies are saying they are from the episode

  21. Nenna: you can’t not smile at this song

    Me: rlly? Because I’m not smiling

  22. Hey nennaa! if you want to know even more about this song at 25:28 ,m just play "MLP:FiM The Story of the Blanks Flash Game"!
    (I checked it out and I wanna see you play it now!)

  23. 12:39
    Thats remember me BURNING IN HELL last part

  24. babs speed is much nice and funny 😂😁 with a extra e 🤣 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😁😁

  25. What i did not write speed i write sneed

  26. Without hearing this song twice in this episode I remembered all of the lyrics and that made me think I wanna kill pinkie pie

  27. Pippy corrupted mod and oggy and Ben 10 play

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