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We FINALLY Got Friday Night Funkin’ News!

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Friday Night Funkin’ is one of the most anticipated Indie Games of all time, and coming off of a successful kickstarter, many have wondered if we’re ever going to get the game. Today we talk about the new Erect previews that we got and what it means for the future of the game. Especially with development of my own game, Indigo Park, I’m excited to see what other indie’s have coming up. Step back into the 90s and relive the magic of Super Nintendo Entertainment System games. Play yoshi’s cookie online game now.

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Outro music by DPZ for the VS UniqueGeese – Feathery Fight Soundtrack:

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  1. Personally, I try not to associate different communities with the drama. Regardless of how well known they are, they are entirely separate people who really shouldn't give you an idea of others in the community and especially not the game/media itself.

  2. i left the community the 23 december, basically when i saw community game’s mario madness v2 vid… now… IM BACK BABY, I WANT THIS GAME RELEASING ON FRIDAY, WOOOOO IM GONNA VERY FUNKY FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS NOW.

  3. People: "How much work did you put into the graphic design?"

    FNF Team: "*yes*"

  4. The game may be a good one, but it will be better than the mods? Let's find out!

    (Let's see if the original game is gonna be better than mario madness v2)

  5. i wonder what bfs language is. someone tell me

  6. Bro i play fnf with one hand too i beated fnf indie cross with one hand since i started playing it i never tryed to play with 2 hands it was hard for me

  7. the songs thy posted

    third song has so much pico voice

    could that mean…. update 30 april?

    pico day

    and its named ???

  8. I thought everyone used arrow keys with one hand

  9. Fucking finally! News about friday night funkin. I'll might come back to the community if week 8 + erect is worthed it.

  10. This may just bring me back into the community.

  11. Yes I wanted to have the full game Ever since it was announced

  12. No one gonna talk about how this update features six impala?

  13. No why is it good I have to be a hater

  14. 5:38
    I loved the earthbound- I mean quirky earthbound-inspired indie RPG reference

  15. bro about time, ive been waiting since july 2021

  16. Finally for a second I thought they abandoned the game

  17. Im just glad they didn't buy drugs with the money, or the game getting canceled

  18. I saw the trailer for indigo park and can't wait to play the game.

  19. Yea after all the time we have not seen or heard about the game it was being alive with a mod community but with the game fully come out and hope it is good with all the time they had put in to this

  20. So they only spent part of the money on Crack?

  21. I still remember the day I mentioned playing with 2 hands on your stream and you cussed me out 😞

  22. Ok but i agree with uniquegeese on how he plays because i’ve done the same the entire time i’ve played

  23. Well I've discovered something about the qr code, i joined all the qr segments together and obtained a binary code which translates to a hexadecimal text: "HDMEXAECIAL 43 41 45 53 41 52 20 5a 42 49 5a 41 50 41 42 41 50 56 55 20 45 47 43 4f 47 50 20 49 4c 47 20 54 6f 58 58 55 3e 40 58 29 2a 56 32 40". For now I dont know what that means but i'll leave to those who know this actual stuff is.

  24. Its funny how like the 90% sayed they scammed everyone but they still working 💀

  25. Wait when the full game comes out. Do I still need to go New grounds and play It.

  26. Ever since it came out ive been playing constantly (mostly mods ofc) no matter how many times it "died and fell off" kinda literally crying tears from scraping out of an empty can for ANYTHING for yearsss im beyond excited omfg


  28. 3:47 it's not that hard to play on arrows 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

  29. Honestly?? You get flack for using only ONE hand?? Nah. I'm just fully and 100% IMPRESSED.

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