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Week 1 but with Minecraft Noteblocks – Friday Night Funkin’

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I made all of Week 1 from Friday Night Funkin’ using Minecraft Note Blocks. These took me about a week to finish, but I am very happy with how they turned out. If you would like to see me cover every other song, please like this video and subscribe to my channel! Thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy!

Cool Stuff:

0:00 Intro (Gettin’ Freaky)
0:44 Tutorial
1:57 Bopeebo
3:22 Fresh
4:51 Dad Battle
6:24 Game Over (Don’t Stop)
7:55 Outro

Footage courtesy of Flippy:

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  1. I like the effort u put into this 😄

  2. I’ve been trying to make an fnf stage in Minecraft but the note blocks are hard.

  3. imma code it into the game of minecraft rn , the link will be in an edit

  4. Pls tutorial in minecraft pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  5. 200,000 subscribers are ready, with a million more well on the way,

  6. you made week 1 and its took a week

    gods work really

  7. Wow! You even did the intro, tutorial, and the game over soundtracks? Love it man! Could you do even of the other non-week soundtracks?

  8. which sounds does the boyfriend make…like what noise like…what block….I NEED TO MAKE THISS

  9. that's not girlfriend how to do that but awesome!:)

  10. I never thought a Minecraft song could slap so badly I add into my playlist Lmao GOOD JOB!

  11. omg i need this fresh with noteblocks

  12. Everybody gangastar until this turns into the new music in dont funk at night

  13. I love how the simple style of Friday Night Funkin is starting to bring note blocks back!

  14. It's surprising how well the instruments you picked fit! Also I love at 2:22 the experience noise being the Boyfriend's peace sign noise. 😀

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