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WEEK 2579 of Friday Night Funkin

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  1. Me when im beating an impossible song like bob (without autoclicker) 0:55

  2. Why!?!?!?!?!?! poor Boyfriend. And why is that person look dopy?

  3. I been 2 years and this is still dope dude! (and you guys can stop crying because bf going to die? He already die like in thousand of different ways before and this is not canon is just make it for fun)

  4. week 2572 was pretty good tho you gotta admit

  5. The guy turns 69 this week (in this video)

  6. You guys are idiots for liking this garbage Shame on you all

  7. we are not even having the week 8, imagine the week "2579" damn dude

  8. I feel kinda creepy after watching this tbh…

  9. Bf doesn’t want to rap battle because he rap battle for days and years days and years

  10. who’s here in 2024 with erect remix update?

  11. Bro predicted the wild community of FNF Modding

  12. can u guys pls stop being so mean to me and accept that me and girlfriend are forever lovers now

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