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Welp… Mario chose violence | Friday Night Funkin [ Mario’s Madness Mod ]

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In this video I played the Mario Madness Mod for Friday Night Funkin


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  1. I really love your videos bruh and u bring a different type of vibe to youtube and i like that😤

  2. Sup mikeeey im just a fnf mod creator wanting to know if ya would play the demo of my mod?

  3. The one person you can trust to make ur day better

  4. I remember watching racist Mario while celebrating graduating from primary school, one way to drop the mood-

  5. I despise a majority of human creations says:

    The mod is as good quality as mods can get but yeah the music seems the be the only thing lacking a bit.

  6. Depressed Luigi is from Luigi’s mansion it’s the beta game over screen is we’re he is

  7. I am kinda late for this video but you should play I hate you.exe it will explain what happened to Luigi

  8. hey mikeeey i knew a super cool mod is called funkin corruption reimagined

  9. I see you with the new outro music Mikeeey 👍

  10. This is what Mario.exe said in the cutscene. I went to the wiki for this.

    Mario.exe: Hello there!

    Mario.exe: Oh no, don't-a be scared, I'm not-a-gonna kill you. YET. I want to have some fun with you two midgets before I end your lives. So, don't even bother using your powers here. I'm more powerful than you and your dad.

    Mario.exe: This is MY WORLD.

    Mario.exe: So… would you like to play?

    And this is what he says in cutscene 2.

    Mario.exe: Oh, so you want to play smart, eh? Then LET'S-A PLAY!

    And then he laughs, and yeah.

  11. You're not Nintendo U-Ur Prentend-o your all race traitors!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. In order of appearance, your opponents in this mod were:
    – Mario.EXE, a similar being to Sonic.EXE, inhabiting an SMB1 cartridge. Unlike Sonic.EXE, Mario.EXE prefers to keep up the appearance of being a psychotic version of everybody's favorite red plumber rather than breaking character and just going in for the kill. The green poison mushrooms in the first two songs are from a well-known Mario.EXE fangame. Mario.EXE's design is based on a super old drawing often associated with him.
    – Gameboy!Mario.EXE, simply an alternate form of the original Mario.EXE, this time within Super Mario Land 2. The main theme of Super Mario Land 2 is the melody that is sung before his demonic beatdrop here.
    – Luigi the Burnt Traitor, from the "I HATE YOU" Super Mario World creepypasta. This version of Luigi had enough of Mario taking all the credit, so he secretly worked alongside Bowser in the plan to capture Peach in Dinosaur Land. After Bowser's defeat in the normal game, Luigi lured his brother to a death trap of a lair, where the green man would finish Mario off once and for all. Unfortunately, when Mario did find out his own brother hated him so much, he was so wracked with betrayal and a desire for revenge that he managed to beat Luigi and threw him into lava, hence Luigi's burnt skin here. In this mod, the arena you face Luigi in is the same one where he tried and failed to kill Mario in the original story. The faceless Boos, the "I HATE YOU" blood words, and the drowned Mario corpses in the background are all part of the creepypasta as well.
    – Ghastly Game-Over Luigi, inspired by the beta game over screen of Luigi's Mansion 1 (where you supposedly fail to save Mario within 24 hours) and an unintentional lighting glitch in the same game where Luigi's shadow appeared to be hanging from the ceiling beams by a rope. The same glitch is referenced when lightning strikes in this song (which you disabled, for some reason).
    – The Wario Apparition, a mysterious entity that was spawned alongside the "Every Copy of SM64 is Personalized" craze a while back. Supposedly, people wanted Wario to appear as a boss fight in SM64, resulting in their personalized copies creating the Wario Apparition, an invincible floating head with insanity-inducing tendencies, often chasing players down a long hallway in the game, much like how he chases BF in this mod. (The concept is also rooted in the Nintendo presentation of E3 1996, where a Wario-head real-time Vtuber-esque model appeared in front of an SM64 background to promote the SM64 game with the promise of using the presentation to denounce the other game companies and show the audience what real fun looks like in video games.) One of his poses references a Mario Land 2 commercial where Wario attempts to hypnotize the viewers to turn against Mario.
    – MX, straight from Mario '85, which you just played recently. He's a warped facsimile of Mario born from a corroded cartridge, capable of stealing souls and hopping between games like nothing. He's a powerhouse, and a force to be reckoned with. His back pose is a reference to one of his sprites, while he has two spoken lines, "INNOCENCE DOESN'T GET YOU FAR" and "WAHOOOOOOOO", both of which copy his lines in the Mario '85 demo. In the game, you play as the soul of Lucas, a young boy who MX killed, trapped within the Luigi vessel. In the Game Over screen, Lucas's/Luigi's head is seen on a pike, much like how it appears here. The background is also from Mario '85, when World 1-1 first turns spooky as MX appears.
    – "Racist Mario", from the ancient animation of the same name. Enraged at the fact that the rest of his crew invited non-Nintendo characters to join Mario Kart, this crazed parody went on a murderous and rather vulgar rampage, killing friend and foe alike on the racetrack.

  13. Imma be honest, Flashgitz Mario, despite appearance, has to be as deadly as (if not MORE deadly than) the other more monstrous entities in this mod

  14. Mikeeey love the vid bro keep up with a good work you always but hey mikey can you play little man 2 mod ✌

  15. World 2 song is from a exe port called I Hate you and it's also a Super Mario Land type style

  16. World 5 is also a exe pc port called MX Mario 85 which is a creepy pasta about a kid named Lucas who got flash and passed out and got sucked into the game causing him to be Luigi in the super Mario game who is the Luigi character.

  17. And if anyone don't know ??? Is racist Mario lmfao (18+ content)

  18. For clarification Luigi came from a rom hack of super Mario something called and I quote (I HATE YOU) Luigi betrays you and joins king koopabowser But this happens off screen before you go to Bowser's lair
    You have to go through a bombardment of jump scares, countless amounts of bloody texts saying I HATE YOU and WHY WONT YOU DIE and swimming from all off Mario's last life's. Once you do get to Luigi you have to fight him in doing so you land one last blow then Luigi falls in to the scolding hot lava hence why Luigi looks this way you should really play the rom hack it's really spoopy

  19. @Mikeeey luigi looks like that from his own creepy pasta after mario pushed him into lava,that is because luigi is the villainn in that creepy pasta and the song name "I hate you" is an referance to it.

  20. Also shoutouts to the comment section for being a part of such a W community

  21. Did you know that there was another song called forbidden star idk how to get it but my guess has something to do with either the game files or the debug

  22. On power down MX whispered: innocence… doesn't.. get… you…. FAR!!! Which is a reference to the game

    Edit: Thanks for one like!👍

  23. Love the edit where it showed the events prior to what happened to door DK himself.

  24. Nowhere near a kids game in my opinion. Yeah you get the occasional kid friendly mod buts there’s more non kid friendly mods for fnf. Oh and all the drama that goes on in the fnf community with mod creators and people. And the 18+ drawings of characters some weirdos do on the internet. yup that sums it up

  25. Bros talking about gf and bf awareness but he him self didn't notice the Dodge mechanic

  26. Mario exe is not a creepy pasta it’s a piece of art

  27. Mario said : hello there don’t worry I’m not kill you yet I would want to have fun with you 2 midgets so, don’t try using your powers here I’m more powerful then you and your dad. This is MY WORLD.

  28. World 3 is basically based on the end of Luigi Mansion beta so this showed on everyone's screen the console of Luigi's Mansion.

  29. World number 4 is basically made by Nintendo and appeared in this mod because this was an Halloween event in 2019 and Nintendo switch Luigi's Mansion beta before the Luigi's Mansion got abandoned in 2020.

  30. World 5 is from the exe port mario.exe from Shadow underscore shade which is basically a person who made the artwork so the person decided to add it in world 5 and just let me know this has a lot more information basically Lucas was playing this game called the PC part version of Mario and tell her the game got glitched and he entered the game and he was looking like Luigi but he's actually Lucas and at the end Mario turned into mario.exe and then draws toad's head and then shows it to you with no saying run and if he catches you that happens to Lucas too and he destroys your body.

  31. Why is nobody talking about on the 2nd song that that Mario used the f word also he didn’t even realize he used the Middle finger

  32. You actually did miss a secret song but I forgot how you’re supposed to get it

  33. "good he hasent heard of the creepypasta yet"

  34. the fact that mario actually pulled him into the fucking game proves that he's stronger than sonic

  35. The head on a pike in The power down song is Lucas from the creepy pasta you played

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