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What happened to Friday Night Funkin?

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It’s been almost 2 years since the Friday Night Funkin’ kickstarter, and very little is known about the game. What happened?

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Humble Beginnings
1:29 The Kickstarter
4:04 The Updates
4:53 The Physical Media
7:28 The Game


  1. The Friday Night Funkin kickstarter honestly makes me think that this is gonna be the OMORI 2.0 Kickstarter which took 6 years to make.

  2. If they had just said something along the lines of "We weren't expecting this much support on the kickstarter, so the game will take a lot longer than expected to release. We don't know when it will be, but we'll try to keep everyone updated," instead of silence, it wouldn't be so bad. It's way better to say you messed up than to go radio silence.

  3. this game is the perfect example of getting too popular for its own good, there was zero chance of the kickstarter not having some kind of disaster happen.

  4. I don't understand FNF, there are so many better options.

  5. And I’m starting to remember when one of my friends on discord advised us to not back this kickstarter. She was saying it was over ambitious and with everything being promised it sounded like it could collapse on itself and be a scam. To be fair, she wasn’t saying don’t support them, just that the kickstarter was getting so blown out of the water it might not be able to make a landing

  6. When the Kickstarter update fully releases it'll probably blow up again for a very short amount of time

  7. A critique for your editing, I think instead of vanishing the page with the highlighted text to get back to your face, maybe you could put the whole page up on the screen, and then shrink it down to where it's just the highlighted text in one part of the screen and your face in the rest of the screen, and then after a bit more time for reading vanish the text.

  8. Friday night fuckin is kind of just a niche newgrounds rhythm game when you can just play clone hero and this genre of game has been struggling lately outside of a few instances

  9. hello, you came up on my fyp. Just wanted to say I really appreciate the tone of this video not being extremely harsh towards the game devs

  10. Its kinda funny how we still call this a kids game, when week 6 does indeed the a very not kids friendly dialouge…
    Anyways this sounds like an Omori issue

  11. I used to play this game all the time in my Sophomore year of HS (2020-2021 school year), but I stopped playing like during 2021 Summer because the game was getting old. Thank god the mod community is around to make the game more FUN

  12. What they should do I think is to just, make the game functional, have the minimum amount of "weeks" in the game what they promised as base weeks and release that as a beta, the backers should get the key for the game, and every time they finish a "week" than update the game with that. They should not worry about networking right now, if they didn't finished that one yet. So instead of having nothing players could just get a beta game, and they can get new content after every week or 2.

  13. If the fnf fandom gets bored enough I'm sure they can make the full game out of spite and or impatience

  14. LITTLE known? I wish it was little known because it's so fucking bad.

  15. i saw one of the vinyls of the game at a record shop

  16. When you are too ambisious you will have a hard fall and fail to bring anything to the table.

  17. Reminds me how osu! has all of these features and only has a single developer. Granted it's been in development for (literally) 14 years and there's a lot of people that help, but it was gradual and not done all at once. It's certainly not impossible. Another example could probably be ADOFAI, that has an editor and official levels too. I think in both cases though, the developers did and still do take the time they need to complete everything. Imagine if when either game came out, they put stretch goals for how the games are right now? It'd be impossible to expect that to be doable. I just think that they were unprepared for how popular it could and eventually did get.

  18. I just wanna see the game come out. Personally, I would LOVE for mechanics from mods to pop up, it would show just how supportive ninjamuffin is of the modding community, especially since the entire game as of week 7 is completely open source to the public.

  19. A lot a games suffer from the problem with over promising.

  20. Geometry Dash VS. Friday Night Funkin' on having the laziest developers

  21. I think the Main problem is that they are trying to get everything out at the same time, I’m mainly talking about the game. With all the Stuff they promised for the game I feel like maybe Mobile Support and Multiplayer should be updates so they could just focus on the weeks.

  22. Internet's basic rule
    If a thing rises very quickly its gonna go down quickly aswell

  23. I donated 80 bucks to that game and never got my kickstarter rewards 😭 I both feel robbed and stupid

  24. With the amount of work ahead of them and the amount of people they have to work with, I feel like either a lot of money is going to be refunded or we'll get everything that was promised by 2030 and by then no one will care.

  25. I wonder why I am still a fan of FNF to this day

  26. i just clicked this video to comment how shitty this thumbnail is considering friday night funkin is a free game

  27. Pressure is on here. Their reputations individually are on the line. Getting the game out to the fans may be their goal, but they may be trying to be too perfectionist. Not saying to release an unfinished game, they should head towards the goal of finishing the game. They can, and maybe this will save their bacons, release a complete game, but release free updates to complete the stretch goals they have achieved. Free updates because they are already paid for. More to say, and I'm probably not very clear; however, I have to be getting to work.

  28. i really appreciate when developers and companies make jokes and talk with a friendly tone to their audience, but in this case it just feels annoying

    the joke posts made back when the kickstarter was still getting money are fine, but now that the game is expected to get updates, launch, and give backers their rewards it's just a pain in the butt to see them taking nothing seriously, especially that one post you mentioned that was fake and just in the end there was a note clarifying the CDs aren't actually done

    some people gave dozens, hundreds of dollars for this game to become a reality, they deserve to receive actual news about the game rather than the devs just making gross and unfunny jokes about the game

    they look like 15 year olds trying to be cool and quirky, and it feels like it's a way for the devs to cope with the development hell of the game and the KS rewards

  29. Yikes cant believe they f*cked it up this badly lol, at this point due to mods and spin offs the fnf community has already finished the game for them pretty much, and so this is looking like another Yandere Simulator situation where the devs are going to take a ridiculous amout of time to deliver a game they people have invested in smh… and I wouldn't be lying if I said I dont feel bad for the backers, but hey atleast the might get a pin and some shirts in a couple of years

  30. Friday Night Funkin from before: 10/10

    Friday Night Funkin from now:
    Guy: ¡¿wheres my money?!

    I think Friday Night Funkin's rating is: -9999999/10

  31. I have no idea how people of this level of incompetence managed to secure a deal with GSC to produce a Nendoroid of the main character (and GSC already showed off a completed prototype) but at the same time they can't be arsed to get some music CDs printed for backers… At this rate I bet the Nendoroid will come out before the game itself.

  32. its like geometry dash 2.2 it just will take time to come out

  33. Quick update: On February 11th, we finally got our first Kickstarter update in over 6 months. Pins haven't started manufacturing yet, and are still another 2 months out.

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