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What happened to Friday Night Funkin?

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It’s been almost 2 years since the Friday Night Funkin’ kickstarter, and very little is known about the game. What happened?

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Humble Beginnings
1:29 The Kickstarter
4:04 The Updates
4:53 The Physical Media
7:28 The Game


  1. They reached all of their stretch goals they also have so many people to ship stuff too I guess it makes sense why everything is taking so long

  2. People stopped playing fnf because of the cringe fanbase

  3. I feel bad for my kid. He wanted to back this game so I got him the t-shirt tier and the enamel pin addon and he's most likely never getting it. This whole project seems to be run by toddlers that have no clue what they are doing. With over 2 million dollars raised they were too stupid and full of themselves to go out and hire people specifically to handle the Kickstarter rewards

    No survey sent out to the backers, they didn't have ANY art work finalized because if they did t-shirts, posters, music covers and enamel pins would all be produced and shipped out 2 years later. So yes I am firmly in the boat that they took the money and ran.

    2 million is not going to go far with manufacturing cost for all the physical items, game development and people's salaries.

  4. i think its because all the cringe content mods that killed the games popularity.

  5. This Kickstarter situation is giving big homestuck game situation vibes

  6. I mean it’s obvious they were overwhelmed. One of the tiers was about them making a PS1 version of the game. These are amateur devs we’re talking about…

  7. watch the mods be better than the whole official game, like some mods push cannon FNF into the shadows. I just hope my 20$ were worth it.

  8. I just hope it turns out like omori or something, and is pretty good in the end. I’m not sure if the demo can really life much more off the live support that is mostly pedos making mods 💀

  9. I think people are fearing their money will be wasted as at this level in communication and how far they have gotten with their physical products this game is probably a few years out

  10. me: oh hey looks like and interesting vid oh haha an otmatone that is bf haha that reminds me of Sully G-wait-checks channel facepalm

  11. I’m glad this game is dying, it’s just another game that’s brainwash for children.

  12. I got my physical CD, don't remember when I got it, think it was last year, but I do, in fact, have it in my hand, right now. Still waiting on my pins though

  13. This game is my favourite game (Rhythm) cause it has really good mods and songs

  14. If they'd just finish the game and do the physical merch AFTER maybe they'd actually regenerate some interest

  15. Still nowhere near as horrible as a wait time as project nexus was.

  16. I lost interest after finding out one of the modmakers was a pedophile.

  17. I don't think this is getting made, the all the promotional is likely eating up most of the funding. Like just looking at the backer rewards, getting a cd, tape and vinyl for 60 is insane. A custom vinyl with art and fancy colors can cost that much alone to produce if not more with the shortage.

  18. Considering that fans can make a week in like 2 or 3 weeks, i think all the backers just got scammed big time

  19. lesson learned never donae 150 dollars on kickstarter im curious tho sully did u get a receipt from needle juice as well?

  20. I didn't liked this game from the start anayway…lol

  21. Omg its like a whole game developement take way more effort than 3 songs and new sprites, who could have though.

  22. Ah the old and so common story of Kickstarter games

  23. the idiots who backed this game rlly thought 3 newgrounds nobodies could make the massive game they promised? i'm sure half the backers are just 10 year olds who asked their parents for money just to back it >_>

  24. I will tell you right now why its reasonable to complain about the game not releasing yet… WE HAVE GOTTEN FNF MODS BETTER THAN THE GAME IN THE SPAN OF WAITING! ALOT OF THEM!

  25. Who needs the base game when you have mods

  26. I got the CD, vinyl, and cassette two weeks ago. Just an update on some of the Kickstarter backers rewards.

  27. It’s weird how they have time to start a court case but when it comes to finishing a game people payed for them to finish they can’t put it in there schedule.

  28. While I had nothing but goodwill for this game, I ended up not backing it myself. Now, I’m kind of glad I didn’t. I hope things will start turning around soon, if only for the backers’ sake.

  29. Being the stretch goal so many i think it's reasonable to think that they need time to do stuff

  30. I understand their issues, and I don't hate them for this. However, they could have been more up-front about this, and they should not have dangled false hope in the faces of backers. No hate towards them by any means, but they definitely went too far, and should have, in hindsight, gone through with the project more slowly and thoroughly.

  31. I loved this game played it relatively after it came out and blew up very glad to see the fan base dying however these are harsh expectations for 3 people

  32. i thought friday night funkin was gen z slang for boning

  33. This is definitely a case of passionate but inexperienced creator

  34. "It will be just like Omori brooooo!!!" Mfers when you tell them that such lack of communication and mismanagment shouldn't be an industry standard and excusing this is just a cope and allowing such shitty practices to become norm: 🤯🤯🤯

  35. yea good games take 5 years. 3 years if they are an organized team

  36. People just refuse to accept the fact they got scammed lmao

  37. i believe that they left the game for modders who has passion for the game

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