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What happened to Friday Night Funkin’?

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In today’s video, I discuss the lack of significant news about the upcoming Friday Night Funkin’ update since it’s delay in April.

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  1. good stuff takes time, tf2 took over a decade to make, and its one of the best games of all time.

  2. Well that was most certainly unexpected. He is actually back

  3. Nate Anim8 is going to work on Newgrounds and the animation is…
    Whitty the Blitz Bomber.

  4. Fnf is one of those games that takes years to complete, like undertale that took 3 years to complete I believe

  5. oh right i subbed to you like a year ago or somethin

  6. What happened to BlueStopSign for the last few months?

  7. because dave and bambi killed my grandma okay????????????????????

  8. I know you might not check it out, but I do suggest you check out the Wednesday's Infidelity update, as well as the upcoming Mario's Madness update.

    Not only are they all full of nice people, but it's also because they're the only two mods that aren't cancelled right now. (Would've suggested MCM but, yeah)

  9. Oh I left the community while ago. I am only focused on the based game now tbh.
    But glad your back

  10. yo i love risk of rain 2, its one of my fav games

  11. I love this game, but this community has reminded me how many trash people are in the modding scene, with mod directors being terrible bad people, and lots of stuff like that. It’s almost a miracle to have a good mod with a good team nowadays.

  12. Same I was wondering about the base game going to update is not like they are tobi fox and ton of fans games is fnf mods I care about everything inturn of awful or not people I support their works even people are not involved to the mod itself but if fnf reach fnf 3rd anniversary tho??

  13. Kinda sad how it ended up this way although I love fnf I can’t disagree the mod community is full of scum and the main game is as dry as a desert

  14. Ya me to im planing to make a dnt mod when im older

  15. I agree with sticking to mods you only care about, with so much drama and bad people getting found out. It can be tiring always hearing your trust and respect was put on the wrong person. It's okay to be in a toxic community, just be careful about who you support inside it.

  16. im still in the fandom after like 3-2 years

  17. 2:46 very true I don’t really care about that many recent mods only a few good mods

  18. Most mods nowadays suck, nothing is original anymore.

  19. BlueStopSign is fatherless because he is a human instead of a stop sign 💀

  20. IMO, the devs are doing a poor job of communicating about progress on both the full game and this new update [which, I guarantee you, will probably amount to nothing more than 45 minutes of extra content]. Without any direct words between fans and devs about what's happening and when, we're left to ask; what's taking so long? How big exactly is this update that's been delayed for 4 months [supposedly in development since October of last year]? When will this "shit fuck hard?" How big is the team? The Kickstarter 'updates' tab is only for physical rewards for backers, and even those have been rolling out at a pretty slow rate.

    PA and Ninjamuffin did tweet out some informal 'updates' recently, talking about how they're working on refining the game's engine, etc etc. That's all good and fine, but what about content? How much of the game is planned? How's work on the 60+ songs and remixes going? What about those cutscenes?

    So many questions. Given how high quality mods are nowadays and how quickly savvy modders can churn them out, I don't think the devs are excused from criticism. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels disappointed with the state of the game.

  21. Hey bluestopsign
    Do you listen to
    Turangalîla-Symphony by O. Messiaen
    Friday night Funkin Symphony

  22. 2:45 this is pretty much the same with me, the community has gone through so many highs and so many lows and so many horrible incidents and people that it’s too much to stay connected. for me, amoraltra was the one who kickstarted the ultimate downfall of the community(i hope he goes back to geometry dash). also mods got repetitive, unoriginal, and all in all, boring. the only hope for this game is the full release, but thats not coming for a while (thanks for reading my rant)

  23. Emily Ulloa the mlp and danganronpa fan 2007 says:

    Thank god your back for a long dang time

  24. It went from eh 🤷‍♂️to cringe real quick due to cosplayers and people singing the songs. Not to mention suspicious modders having allegations and the lack of updates. It kinda fell off.

  25. I brought this up in your previous video, but you should talk about and explore how many different voices/soundfonts/chromatics there are for boyfriend and maybe even rank them

  26. The mods gotten worse in my opinion So I kinda floted away But I am just hopping We get the update

  27. What do you mean? the game is still active

  28. Fnf changed me ever since I played it in 2020, even tho the community is shit at times I love the game and has many for it💙💙💙

  29. They're working on two whole new weeks, They're also remixing every past and new song, Along with adding and charting a whole new difficulty for those songs.

  30. I knew the community petering out as the full game is being worked on. I knew this would happen immediately. I didnt expect the petty drama but… Eh I guess annoying kids will be in the fandom no matter if this is obviously an adult oriented game.
    I'm just going to wait for the full release and not worry about all that too much.

  31. stacythegreat1156-gacha life, Fortnite, and Roblox says:

    Ok that's cool and all but please play crunching genuinely one of the best mods I've ever played

    Edit: play Dave and Bambi 3.0 and pineapple night frenzy when it comes out too

  32. What I want to know is where your antipathy hank video is

  33. Every community has it's bad apples. When a community gets big, that's when you'll see em the most. Eventually they'll leave, leaving the community small yet peaceful, even if it takes a while.

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