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Whitty vs Boyfriend Fire Fight Part 2 (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

Chino’s Animated
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Whitty goes Ballistic as BF and GF find a way to stop him from blowing up.


BluBelleVA (Voice of GF):
CritVA (Voice of Whitty):

Official Whitty Mod(Definitive Edition):

Carol Mod:

Carol house and Sunday design (Tuesday Birthday Night VS Carol):

Fight Song used – “Ballistic (B3 Remix)”:

Original version “Ballistic :

Background music in order:

“Remorse” Instrumental:
“Overhead” Instrumental:
“Boogie” Instrumental:

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Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: FilmoraX
Drawing tablet: Ugee M708 graphics tablet


  1. God is all of this just so good! when BF goes "ballistic" his eyes flash the colors of his note that he's initiating, Whenever BF loses his icon starts to crack and melt, even how when whitty gets snuffed the first thing he does is knock BF off his pedestal which doesn't deal damage to him. Good job Chino!
    (edit) I also noticed once whitty goes ballistic BF repairs his ice shield by singing and also that GF is the only thing that dels damage to BF when he goes ballistic on whitty as well! There are so many little nuances that didn't need to exist but they do and love it!

  2. But what about the cliff hanger.

    What happened to Boyfriend and Girlfriend


  3. Next animation can you do Tabi or tricky or Agoti, that will be cool

  4. Wow, this is simply breathtaking, dude. Your work never ceases to amaze me 👍 . Thank you very much for this content.

  5. then friendship. then love. And then the kids •∆•

  6. 4:12
    I like to think for this part Whitty doesn’t do some boss death animation, but rather he is unconscious and he is just twitching to like disperse the leftover energy, kinda like when you lie down after running and you randomly twitch.

  7. This is SO OUT OF THE BEST ANIMATIONS. Like, from the color, the lore, the music remix, the plot twist. To even smaller details. You really did outdid yourself. This is one of the best animation I've even seen.


  9. I have to it was flipping worth the damn wait. Loved the ending of whitty vs bf fight

  10. The teleporting to a house thing reminds me of a stand in Jojo´s.Mr President from part five

  11. 3:27
    Boyfriend: See what happens when I cast a spell I don’t know

  12. 3:18 Whitty: I don't know what you thought would happen, when you challenged me to rapping i had made it pretty clear that I was doing alright out here you've had lots of time to learn you wasted it on sad ice-cold burns you've reached the end of my rope give up your one last glimmer of hope
    BF: Wait a second, man, your story have you lost your former glory when the girlfriend's parents burst in riled you up and brought the worst in you what if they were just short-sighted thought you'd save the deal ignited then when things turned out all rotten you ran off left them forgotten

  13. I love these animations! Both parts 1 and 2. That Ballistic gave me chills! (no pun intended.)
    Especially when Whitty gets teleported to Carol's house! Good job!

  14. While the animation is great, I feel like the song overpowers the vocals.

  15. People who wants to make a mod out of this: dies

  16. Man i love this animation and i like the most is that bf and whitty become full Power god.

  17. Bf 100% The power and whitty0000000,1%the power

  18. I like how on the beat drop GF goes ballistic and then BF joins her

  19. Carol: And that’s the story of how I met my boyfriend.

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