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Whitty vs Boyfriend Fire Fight Part 3 (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

Chino’s Animated
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Whitty and Updike confront each other, and they’ve both got backup.

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BluBelleVA (Voice of GF, Sunday and Carol):
CritVA (Voice of Whitty):

Updike Fading cover made by Sketch:
Accelerant cover made on this video

Official Whitty Mod(Definitive Edition):
Carol Mod:
Sunday Mod:
Updike (V2) Mod:

Carol house and Sunday design (Tuesday Birthday Night VS Carol):

Songs used:
– “Ballistic (B3 Remix)”:

Original version “Ballistic :

Background music in order:

“Boogie” Instrumental:
“Underground” Instrumental:
“Perfume” Instrumental:
“Low-Rise” Instrumental:

#fridaynightfunkin #vswhitty #animation

Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: FilmoraX
Drawing tablet: Ugee M708 graphics tablet


  1. I'm curious if Bob and bosib will come up next

  2. استمر هذا افضل فيديو يرجل استمر ❤

  3. You said there was no more series of it. Oh wait nvmmm

  4. This was amazing, how you do something like this with Tricky or Tabi

  5. Is is that a smash movement for bf

  6. Screw Updike he dose not even look like a Humanoid cloud he looks like a Middle aged pin!😡

  7. I like how whitty has a plan on paper and has plan B as kill him


  9. I love how you put the events of Vs. Whitty
    It's nice to have a good ending
    I'm excited to see what will happen with Hex and if there's going to be any changes on the date week

  10. Songs: 1:41 Remorse (the test ingame)
    6:58 accelerate (chase scence ingame)
    13:29 Falling (fading in the original mod)

  11. As soon as I saw this, I screamed- I was so excited 😀
    Great video btw!!

  12. no one is gonna talk about how long the hallway is in the accelerant part?

  13. I heard park and I thought of bob and bosip instantly🤣🤣🤣

  14. Bro this animation series was INSANE I love all the characters in it, bf and gf act just like they would in game, I love carol and especially sunday, and whitty Is freaking goated, I love the animations in this, it is all just pure perfection

  15. hes really out here telling interesting storys. keep it up man i cant wait for your next upload

  16. Bro I loved that he actually made a real story plot to fnf the things that gets confusing is if he does the whitty and Carol date,other then that good job man!

  17. the ending is making me think that the next part would be the date night whitty and carol have. i hope it comes down to that

  18. Cant wait for the hex week keep up the good work!!!

  19. Love how the 1st cover was literally with f*cking guns 🔫

  20. I love how they just fall and they start singing like a normal situation

  21. Segunda musica e a do hank e a terceira a do garcelo

  22. 👍🏽 nice 👍🏽 good animation

  23. Only thing I have wrong with this is that one or two if the songs is a cover

  24. Sorry to be late i was sleep love the video tho❤️

  25. This was very cool, but the person who was more than likely in that car is extremely dead right?

  26. Puglord wishes for a version of just the songs (Puglord really likes Updike's first song)

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