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Whitty X Carol Date Week WITH LYRICS By RecD – Friday Night Funkin’ THE MUSICAL

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Whitty and Carol are going on a musical date, complete with Whitroll, Perfume and Heartbass. Danger lurks in the shadows, but this is a simple, feel-good Friday Night Funkin’ Mod, right? What could go wrong? We’ve been working on this one since JUNE and I’m very happy to finally be bringing it to you.


Written, performed, scored, arranged and edited by RecD
Whitty, Daddy Dearest, Hex, Funk E. Cheese & Updike performed by RecD
Carol Performed By Moop:
Mommy Mearest performed by MLoreley:
Sunday performed by AstroSquid:
Richard voiced by Medikuma:
Ingame songs Composed and Arranged by BBPanzu:
Incidental Music arranged by RecD

Biposi Gardener:
Court Jester:
Agent Water Buffalo:
Ingame edits by JOnline:
Animated Scenes by JOnline & JellyBellyArts
Thumbnail by MugiMikey:

Whitty & Updike created & owned by sock.clip
Carol & Sunday created & owned by bbpanzu
The Date Week mod created by bbpanzu & Nate Anim8:
Hex owned by YingYang48:
Richard (Crypto Crackdown) owned by Cerbera:
Theo and Raquel owned by Juno Songs:
Ritz the Rat owned by ninjamuffin_99
All background characters owned by their original creators as credited in the date week mod
Friday Night Funkin is (C) NinjaMuffin99, KawaiSprite,PhantomArcade and evilsk8r
Pico owned by newgrounds
Art direction assistance by crowbobot & valonide
Produced by Josh Denty & Avantika Mishra


  1. Hey I wanna take down Updike with tails jr

  2. I'm so glad we got to see Whitty again.
    The characters I always love the most tend to describe certain parts of my personality or what I aspire to be.
    Whitty's a really well-made character, he's literally the sans of FNF! Just with a few tweaks here and there.
    His character helps me control my anger a bit better nowadays, and how to act towards talking to people. His mod made me get more into improving my art, trying to make music (it's still bad), and at least dipping my toes into the ocean of programming.
    I'm glad the OG mod week really made FNF spike in popularity and is the sole reason why FNF has lasted so long.
    Yeah, yeah, lots, and I mean LOTS of people don't like Whitty or FNF in general, whether if it's for justified reasons or they're just a whiny baby about popular or random stuff on the internet for whatever reason they have, but those people can screw off.
    I didn't hear about the drama Whitty got in, so when Whitty got deleted, I was devastated that my favorite mod was just gone because of some whiny people.
    I really hoped that they were still working on something behind the scenes through all the drama and that Whitty wouldn't just go down in flames like that.
    Lo and behold, we got the Date Week a little after, but then the WhitMORE updated was canceled forever. But then on his 1-year anniversary, a whole revamp of his week was made with lots of new stuff.
    I'm still a little sad that Whitty's still a bit of an iffy character to talk about and that his lore with Updike was changed since I really liked it, but it is sock's decision, and I will respect that.
    I'm still so glad that the DW and DE was made to really send-off this incredible character and mod, and that the creators didn't just leave him as ash, but rather acknowledged what such an explosive impact he made on the entire community after his mod dropped, and justified the cancellation of his mod.
    Godspeed, Whitty. And I hope you're doing well, sock. And of course, the entire VSWhitty mod team for making this our special bomb dude come to life, and the RecD crew too for making this fantastic musical!

  3. I like how this still felt like a sendoff to Whitty in a way, much like the original mod.

  4. Dang it now we can’t do the model where Whitty versus off against tabi

  5. And don't forget to upload tabi with lyrics okay?

  6. wow just wow it made me tear up🥲💣💗👧

  7. Sorry for bein' a nitpick, but Sunday is nonbinary. Or is it noncanon in this universe? I mean, ya got an nb to voice Sarv… so💖

  8. This made me cry. This was amazing, man. You have my best wishes.

  9. just noticed phantom fear in the bf of heartbass

  10. what would have happened if boyfriend and girlfriend answered the door instead

  11. I was waiting so long for a new fnf lyrics song I’m happy for this video and this channel

  12. I think next, you should continue when pick was reading happy tree friends to the kids and the book start glowing, pick runs and the boyfriend and the girlfriend get sucked in the book and meet flippy

  13. Kinda hope Whitty breaks the contract to save Boyfriend from Tabi

  14. This was absolutely adorable! Great work to everyone involved!

  15. Make another FNF lyrics video with me in it◉⁠‿⁠◉

  16. Does this mean that we will get Sunday with lyrics

  17. Wow..That's was so BEAUTIFUL! 💕🎶👏

    I love how they have been able to connect each song in a very realistic way
    (As well as lyrics, backgrounds and more) ✨👍

    Great job everyone! :' )

  18. Canal secundario de Pokémon másters de koma says:

    good 👍

  19. 9:32 Whitty I think your son is riding a goat man outside the window

  20. THIS IS SO CUTE!!! 💖💖💖💖

  21. "maybe she will give you bananas when you ask!"
    "BIG WINNER :D!"
    hex is literally me

  22. Still a WAY better love story than Twilight 😂

    But all jokes aside, this was AWESOME!!! Great work to the animators and voice actors!

  23. This is an absolute masterpiece! Heartwarming and comforting, especially with Whitty, Carol, Hex (being Whitty's best friend) and the Dearests.

  24. can you do friday night funkin vs little man 2 with lyrics please? ps please keep up the good work.

  25. I’m casually waiting for the deedee and ferret walk songs from that line of mods AHEM* RECD!

  26. i thought nikusa was with tabi and tabi is a huge simp on nikusa but she just went like "sike I ain't loving you tabi" and then she went with solzar

  27. FOLLOW TWITTER FOR TABI UPDATES: https://twitter.com/RecDTRH – Thank you all so much for waiting and for the years of viewership. Consider this episode my personal love letter to the Friday Night Funkin' community and everything it creates. A super special thanks to Biposi Gardener who saved so many unfinished panels I cannot begin to count them.

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