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The real FNF:
Today I discovered a Roblox game known as “Literally FNF” Which is LITERALLY FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN! I have no idea how they did it, but this developer managed to port the actual game into Roblox. Or at least, a very good amount of it! Check it out above if you’d like

Huge thank you to my editor Zack for editing this.
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Most of the music featured in this video was made by the HealtleyBros!
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  1. hey kaded have you put your mic near your key board

  2. Lemon : im gonna eat your girlfreind
    boyfreind : repeats it
    lemon : understandable have a great day

  3. That is not what the normal lemon demon/monster looks like

  4. IS NOT UOI is tank man i like how they ha to give the girlfreind trousers so roblox accpets it 😇

  5. To anyone seeing this, this version is legitimately insanely responsive and you can use both the dpad and button as the arrows if youre playing on console. I played it on my friends xbox and actually beat tricky on hard mode on my first try. I highly suggest. (It's also surprisingly pretty much the actual game, its completely perfect)

  6. Nobody noticed how he was on a account called "robloxisfordads1"

  7. is not is a troll from developers of the game in real game is lemon demon she creepy

  8. I played tricky in the game but they have to block his face with a jason vorhees mask

  9. Kaden never misses… More like Kaden skips 5 songs

  10. Hey kaden can you play mobile friday night funkin roblox

  11. Isn't this illegal? Ninjamuffin99 should bring authorities into this.

  12. I like how he just found out this out

  13. The thumbnail of the game actually happen like this:

    Boyfreind ate too much taco bell

  14. that is not how the lemon looks like the lemon has a body and lemon head in fact

  15. I've played this and it sucks. When you miss a single note it stops the music and it screws up the beauty.

  16. I play better than you on this game I'm ONLY A KID

  17. Not-A-Boomer YT • 88.9B Views • 2 hours ago says:

    theres a testing place for it, its called Lfnf testing place it has more mods and options and soon a multiplayer

  18. I like the game, but i hate something of it, the bugs, everytime im playing something, i press an arrow and it misses. Hope that bug can be fixed, i hate it a lot when is in one like Nyaw.

  19. Theres another version. Its called LFNF testing place made by the same creator (Duengon Aracade) from Litarlly fnf! The testing placew has more mods you could play and has updates.

  20. What's this game I play literally fnf testing place on mobile

  21. Fun fact: the creator of this game was actually an arsenal dev

  22. i want u to play fnb, it has every mod and has animations, icons, etc.

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