Zanta WITH LYRICS By RecD Ft. JassiVA & Cyan - Friday Night Funkin' THE MUSICAL (Eddsworld FNF Mod) -

Zanta WITH LYRICS By RecD Ft. JassiVA & Cyan – Friday Night Funkin’ THE MUSICAL (Eddsworld FNF Mod)

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Zanta’s up to his old tricks, stealing Santa, just as he did in Eddsworld’s “Zanta Claws II”! Edd, Tom and Matt are off to rescue St. Nick before Zanta makes it a blue christmas, and they’ll do it by singing an FNF Mod Song! WITH LYRICS! JassiVA and Cyan/SomeMusicalKid return from Challeng-EDD WITH LYRICS to voice Edd & Tom again!

This little video was thrown together quickly after production delays arose with Tabi. Tabi should still be out early 2023 – thank you for your patience!


Written, performed, directed and edited by RecD
The Boyfriend, Matt & Zanta voiced by RecD
Edd voiced by JassiVA:
Tom voiced by Cyan/SomeMusicalKid:
Zanta Composed and Arranged by bbpanzu:
Extra Incidental Music arranged by RecD based on Eddsworld Music
Art direction: crowbobot:
Video Art:
Biposi Gardener:
Kermo Giovanna:
Thumbnail by MugiMikey:
Perfect Clear Footage by Flippy:
Friday Night Funkin is (C) NinjaMuffin99, KawaiSprite, PhantomArcade and evilsk8r
Character designs and gameplay taken from the Holiday Mod
Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord and Zanta owned by Eddsworld
Produced by Josh Denty and Avantika Mishra


  1. Wait tricky its a zombie so what boyfriend want to chelenge him

  2. This is amazing.
    I hope we get more Eddsworld FNF songs WLYR or just original Eddsworld songs

  3. "That means war"
    Wait, no it doesn't. (If you know, you know)

  4. I love how Zanta at the start wanted to sing with Boyfriend and is now 😢 because he didn’t come

  5. 3:23
    OK, that one is flat out hilarious. The way Edd says "Tom?" feels more like he was checking on him in his room than actually being dead worried about the guy.

    I find it very funny.

  6. And they somehow was able to kepp Eddsworld's humor

  7. why is no one talking about the steamed hams reference, that was such a throwback lol

  8. Merry Christmas everyone!! This was too good! This should be played all year 😂!!

  9. Edd: Hey Bf wanna rap battle against a Zombie?

    Bf: No! Why would I wanna rap battle against a Zombie? No one wants to see that!

    Me: So you battle against a demon, 5 in fact but you don't rap against a Zombie. That makes sense.

  10. "HE looks the same, man. I'm losing my mind…." RecD -2022-

  11. Actually Tom CAN see with his "eyes", as seen in the first Zanta claws. Excuse me if I get this quote wrong, my memory is a bit rusty, but he said, "Oh hey he's going to that house! Hey, I just stated the obvious! Ooh look, a chair!"

    Edit: I JUST REWATCHED THIS AND YOU MADE A STEAMED HAMS REFERENCE, "You made it, despite my deflections."

  12. Fwjxwkejeckce Kfwkj2f3fj3ff3j Myles Fletchers'alt says:

    What a nice throwback

  13. 15 years since the first Zanta video
    14 years since the second one (which is what this song is base on)
    12 years since the third one
    This song since last year
    And now this year are the lyrics

    Always remember, how can you defeat somebody you can't…
    (Swap hats with Santa)

  14. tom: =D mean while edd and matt : D= santa: X_X

  15. Oh no which one should I shoot
    You idiot you shot the wrong Santa

  16. boyfriend shows up to matt and hits him in the face

  17. "What? Why would I ever have a rap battle against a zombie? Nobody wants to see that!"
    Everybody demanding Tricky With Lyrics: Are you sure about that?

  18. 0:06 is that a Steamed ham's reference? (From the Simpsons)

  19. "Hooray! Santa's safe! O h r i g h t i s h o t h i m"

  20. Can you make the kapi mod with lyrics pls

  21. Loved zantas voice and great job on the song recd can't wait for tabi

  22. “Edd you gotta help me, Zanta’s way more stealthy!” That line is pure gold

  23. Zanta was so happy that he wanted to rap battle boyfriend But no😢 0:37

  24. this was the caziest song ever and i love the whiity date lyics

  25. I loved the part when Edd said “sinners” the video showed Tord

  26. Can you do taki with lyrics? friday night fever

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