Zanta WITH LYRICS By RecD Ft. JassiVA & Cyan - Friday Night Funkin' THE MUSICAL (Eddsworld FNF Mod) -

Zanta WITH LYRICS By RecD Ft. JassiVA & Cyan – Friday Night Funkin’ THE MUSICAL (Eddsworld FNF Mod)

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Zanta’s up to his old tricks, stealing Santa, just as he did in Eddsworld’s “Zanta Claws II”! Edd, Tom and Matt are off to rescue St. Nick before Zanta makes it a blue christmas, and they’ll do it by singing an FNF Mod Song! WITH LYRICS! JassiVA and Cyan/SomeMusicalKid return from Challeng-EDD WITH LYRICS to voice Edd & Tom again!

This little video was thrown together quickly after production delays arose with Tabi. Tabi should still be out early 2023 – thank you for your patience!


Written, performed, directed and edited by RecD
The Boyfriend, Matt & Zanta voiced by RecD
Edd voiced by JassiVA:
Tom voiced by Cyan/SomeMusicalKid:
Zanta Composed and Arranged by bbpanzu:
Extra Incidental Music arranged by RecD based on Eddsworld Music
Art direction: crowbobot:
Video Art:
Biposi Gardener:
Kermo Giovanna:
Thumbnail by MugiMikey:
Perfect Clear Footage by Flippy:
Friday Night Funkin is (C) NinjaMuffin99, KawaiSprite, PhantomArcade and evilsk8r
Character designs and gameplay taken from the Holiday Mod
Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord and Zanta owned by Eddsworld
Produced by Josh Denty and Avantika Mishra


  1. Tom be like:
    Yay Santa is saved-
    Oh yeah I shot him
    (Does not care)

  2. Edds face of pure "are you fucking kidding me" has slain me

  3. So Tabi w/lyrics is coming next year?

  4. Why is nobody talking about how jump-scared Matt and Edd look when Santa is dead?

  5. Holy crab it's so GOOD, I like how Edd give boyfriend's name "Boynana Friend" ✨

  6. 0:43 Tricky Be like: AM CLOWN JOKE TO YOU? Also Merry Christmas

  7. YAY ZANTA WITH LYRICS ive been waiting for months

  8. Merry christmas everyone! And especially to you RecD. This cover was epic and I'm so glad you made it! Keep up the good work, RecD

  9. can we take a moment to enjoy the christmas hat PNG of the outro

  10. "You'll never be ho ho whole"
    Damn that line is amazing



    Oh yeah i shooting lool

  12. For the next one i suggest vs giraffe with lyrics

  13. "hooray Santa's safe"
    "oh yeah I shot him"

  14. RecD make Indie Cross FNF mod with lyrics please 😢

  15. at this point you're the best musician ever, just saying

  16. Perfect for christmas, this is truly amazing, Merry Christmas RecD!

  17. If I Ran Eddsworld I Would Hire JassiVA To Voice Edd Because He Sounds So God Damn Amazing!!!

  18. HOORAY SANTA IS SAVED-oh wait I shot him still smiles

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